Indian Museum (Jadu Ghar) in Kolkata

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Indian Museum (Jadu Ghar) Overview

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The Indian Museum of Kolkata is the earliest establishment of its category in the Indian subcontinent. It was amongst the initial attempts to preserve the heritage of the country and to acquaint people with its splendour. The idea of setting up this museum was proposed in 1796 by members of Bengal's Asiatic Society, which took shape in 1808 with the occupancy of a government-granted land. The museum was finally established in 1814, wherein it commenced the process of safeguarding the rich Indian heritage. In present times, this museum is not merely a storehouse of artefacts but a full-fledged centre of learning about different aspects of history, culture and traditions. Locals refer to this fascinating museum as Jadu Ghar, which means 'house of magic' on translation.

There are six different galleries in this museum, which are segregated into cultural and scientific sections. The cultural section deals with subjects like archaeology, arts and anthropology while the scientific section is about geology, zoology and botany. Pre-historic artefacts of various civilisations, ancient bronze sculptures and coins are highlights of the archaeological section. The section dedicated to art houses beautiful paintings associated with the Mughal era and Bengal along with decorative arts, textiles and Southeast Asian exhibits. Masks, musical instruments and anthropological models related to the evolution of man are present in the anthropology gallery. While the zoological gallery has exhibits about various mammals, reptiles, birds and ecology, the botanical section covers information about the fauna of India. An interesting gallery in the scientific section is the one about geology, which is under a special division of the Geological Survey of India. It features precious fossils, rocks, minerals and meteorite samples collected from different places.

A well-stocked library forms an integral part of the Indian Museum's premises. It has several books and reference manuals that cover various aspects of the country's culture and history. As a part of its efforts to look after the protection of heritage, this museum organises several exhibitions, lectures, educational gatherings, seminars and cultural activities.

  • Opening Closing Time 10:00 am – 05:00 pm (March – November)
    10:00 am – 04:30 pm (December – February)

    Guided Tours:
    10:30 am, 11:30 am, 02:15 pm and 03:15 pm

  • For Kids

    Jadu Ghar is undoubtedly a world of magic for children as its takes them through the eventful history, colourful culture and fascinating sciences. They get an excellent opportunity to learn about the heritage of the nation in an interesting and detailed manner at this museum.
  • Entrance Fee Rs. 10 for Indians<br />Rs. 150 for Foreigners

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