Birla Industrial & Technological Museum in Kolkata

 Birla Industrial & Technological Museum is Kolkata's top attractions

Birla Industrial & Technological Museum is Kolkata's top attractions | Photo credit: Wikipedia/Biswarup Ganguly

Birla Industrial & Technological Museum Overview

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Kolkata’s list of top attractions always includes the Birla Industrial & Technological Museum. Functioning under the National Council of Science Museums (NCSM), it houses 12 galleries that display various models and structures pertaining to diverse subjects like metals, physics, television, transport, mathematics, biotechnology, life science and more. It was established on 2nd May 1959 with the aim of popularising science and technology, collecting and preserving historical objects, and portraying the development of science and technology in a suitable manner.

At the museum, educational activities are regularly organised. Daily Science Shows, Creative Ability Centre and popular lectures on science, environment, technology, wildlife and nature are worth attending. Between October and May, Sky Observation Programmes are organised, which involve viewing of prominent celestial bodies through 10-inch telescopes. Built in an area of 2000 sq ft, the Innovation Hub is one of the highlights of the museum. It is a science laboratory, where high school and college students are engaged in productive and innovative activities.

During a visit to Birla Industrial & Technological Museum, do step in the 'Underground Mock up Coal Mine'. Find how a coalmine looks like and how things function below the ground in this unique gallery. Through air-circulation and illumination techniques, many details related to coal cutting, coal transportation and adopted safety measures are provided. In addition, the centre has facilities like a library, air-conditioned auditorium, 45-seater conference room and cafeteria.

  • Opening Closing Time 10:00 am – 05:30 pm

  • For Kids

    Birla Industrial & Technological Museum is more than just an ordinary museum, which has several galleries that display many interesting models and artefacts. In addition, this museum conducts educational programmes that are beneficial for kids.
  • Entrance Fee Rs. 15 for General Public<br />Rs. 7 for Students in Group<br />Rs. 4 for BPL Families with Certificate

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