Lakes in Kodaikanal

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  • Berijam Lake

    Berijam Lake

    Just 25 kilometres from Kodaikanal is Berijam Lake, surrounded by a beautiful verdant forest. The lake stays absolutely pristine and serene all year long and is perfect for a picnic and a daytrip with family and friends. ...

  • Kodai Lake

    Kodai Lake

    Created in 1863, the unique feature of the manmade Kodai Lake is its star-like shape. The green meadows surrounding its crystal blue waters make for a perfectly beautiful sight. You can enjoy a family picnic on the banks or opt for a thrilling boat ride. The lake has a fully ...

  • Waterfalls


    Kodaikanal has earned quite a reputation for its ethereal waterfalls like the Bear Shola Falls, Silver Cascade, Glen Falls, and Fairy Falls. The many waterfalls in Kodaikanal make for a good family as well as romantic outing and discovering all of them is more than just a day's job! ...

  • Bear Shola Falls

    Bear Shola Falls

    Situated around 3 km away from the Kodaikanal Bus Stand, Bear Shola Falls is a seasonal waterfall that comes to its full size during the monsoons. It lies at a distance of just 2 km from the star attraction of the hill station- Kodaikanal Lake.

    It is a part ...

    Lake and Waterfall
  • Kodaikanal Lake

    Kodaikanal Lake

    Kodaikanal's star attraction - Kodaikanal Lake is a man-made water body that covers an expanse of 60 acres. Visited and re-visited by countless tourists every year, this star-shaped lake lies in the Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu.

    The north-western Palani Hills in the surroundings complement the beauty of the ...

    Landmark Lake and Waterfall
  • Berijam Lake

    Berijam Lake

    Berijam Lake is a scenic freshwater reservoir that is hidden amidst dense forests near the beautiful hill station of Kodaikanal. It is situated in the upper Palani Hills, at the original location of Fort Hamilton.

    The total surface area of this water body is approximately 59 acres. This lake ...

    Lake and Waterfall