Kodaikanal Yoga Center in Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal Yoga Center Overview

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Amidst lofty mountains that are densely covered with subtropical forests, indulge yourself in the highly beneficial activity of mental, physical and spiritual wellness.

Probably, one of the best places for yoga practices on Earth, Kodaikanal Yoga Center is located in the heart of a breathtaking ecological farm in the state of Tamil Nadu. Blessed with mountain streams, gorgeous waterfalls, large trees and a salubrious climate round-the-year, this is truly the place where you find nature in its most graceful form.

Basically a timber-frame construction, this centre is made of more than 100 years old Teak wood. The complete structure is hand-made by highly skilled carpenters who belonged to a specific caste of temple makers. The main practice hall is built painstakingly around a large wild rock by using natural materials and eco-friendly techniques.

Built from recycled Merdhu wood (imported from Kerala), the floor of this hall is good in looks and excellent in strength. There are large glass windows that allow the exquisiteness of the surrounding nature to be beheld from within the hall.

From yoga to meditative art, meditation workshops and private classes, the activities offered here are many and of course, extremely advantageous. Special lectures on healing arts and ecological lifestyle are also provided on demand.

The teachers of Kodaikanal Yoga Center are certified and possess years of experience in the field. In addition to the practice hall, this centre features cosy accommodation units, a community kitchen and restaurant, and a well-stocked library.

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