Kodaikanal Observatory in Kodaikanal

The highlight of the Kodaikanal Observatory is the live solar image.

The highlight of the Kodaikanal Observatory is the live solar image. | Photo credit: Marcus334 /Wikipedia

Kodaikanal Observatory Overview

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Kodaikanal Observatory is an integral part of the Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIAP), which is situated in the scenic Palani Hills of Tamil Nadu. It was set up in 1899 by shifting the activities of a similar observatory in Madras (Chennai) to this site.

This old observatory was originally called Solar Physics Observatory, which was later changed to its present name. A 20 cm refractor is kept here, through which significant occultation and comet observations are made. This equipment is sometimes provided to visitors, who can view the night sky through it.

At the on-campus astronomy museum, solar pictures and models are kept on display. The highlight of this museum is the live solar image and Fraunhofer spectrum – sun's visible colourful spectrum.

A library is also present within the premises of this solar observatory. It boasts of a rich collection of astronomical literature and important archives. Significant writings about Solar and Solar Terrestrial Physics are also preserved here, which are used for researches and references.

  • For Kids

    Kodaikanal Observatory provides children a chance to learn about the intriguing world of astrophysics. They can view the night sky from this observatory, which will fascinate them for sure.

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Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Kodaikanal, 624103, Tamil Nadu