Kodaikanal FAQs

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Area geography

Kodaikanal is spread out on the upper Palani Hills at a height of 2,133 metres (6,998 feet), right in the middle of Gundar and Parappar Valleys. In its heart is located the magnificent Kodai Lake, which has a circumference of about 5 kilometres.

The whole area is covered with verdant meadows and grasslands, gigantic eucalyptus trees and forests. The terrain is rocky in some areas with many waterfalls and lovely gardens.

Kodaikanal is known for its rich flora, which includes trees such as cypress, acacia, and eucalyptus. Pear trees are many here. Kodai’s pears are known to be of the highest quality. If you want to see super large dahlias, head to Byrant Park. The pond in the park sports lovely water lilies as well.

Cellular service for tourists

All major cellular companies are operational in Kodaikanal and the main city offers 3G internet connectivity.

Wifi internet

WiFi connection is not easily available in Kodaikanal. However, WiFi connectivity is available in many hotels and resorts.

Drinking laws

The legal age for consumption of alcohol in Varanasi is 21 years.


Tipping is not customary in the city and it depends on your sole discretion.


Kodaikanal is a relatively safe place but just keep the following points in mind:

The road to Kodaikanal is picturesque no doubt. However, the uphill drive is a bit tricky; so drive slow.

Don’t let the monkeys catch you swinging food in your hands. Else, it will be snatched before you know it! And take care of little children as well.

General information

Languages spoken

Tamil, English

Time zones

IST (UTC+5.5 hours)

Major religions

Christianity, Hinduism, Islam

Domestic international calling codes


Electricity standards

220 V, 50 HZ; Plugs C and D

Common greetings

Hello: Namasthe/namaskaram

Welcome: Swaagatham

How are you?: Meeru Elaa Unnaru

Fine: Baagunnanu

Glad to meet you: Kalisinanduku Santhosham

What is your name?: Mee Peeru Aemiti

Iam John?: Naa Peeru John

Come in: Loopaliki Randi

Sit down: Kurchondi

Stop: Agaandi

I want to get down here: Naku Ekkada Digaali

Next stop: Tharuvatha Stop

Listen: Veenandi

Please: Dayachiyandi

Goodbye: Veeldi Vaastha

I want: Naaku Kavaali

Can you help me please?: Meeru Naku Sahayam Chaiyandi

I agree: Neenu Oppu Kunta

I disagree: Neenu Oppu Koonu

Good: Manchidi

Congratulations: Dhanyavadhamulu

Excuse me/sorry: Kshaminchandi

Let's go: Poodam Pada

How much will it cost?: Entha Karchu Avuthundhi

Is this water good for drinking? Manchi Neeldu

Can I make a phone call from here? Neenu Ekaada Nunchi Phone Chaiavachaa

Where can I hire a taxi? Naaku Taxi Exaada Doruku Thundi

Where does this road go? E Road Ekaada Pothundhi

Don't speak so fast: Meeru Thundharga Matladavadhu


Emergency numbers

Police: + 91- 4542 – 241800 |+ 91- 4542 - 240262

Government Hospital: + 91- 4542 - 241292

District Forest Officer: + 91- 4542 - 240287

Fire Station: + 91 - 4542 - 240785