Bryant Park in Kodaikanal

A visit to this beautiful botanical garden is a must.

A visit to this beautiful botanical garden is a must. | Photo credit: Ishfaq Shams-Wikimediacommons

Bryant Park Overview

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Located on Kodaikanal Lake's eastern side, Bryant Park is one of the most colourful attractions of Kodaikanal. Sprawling in an expanse of 20.5 acres, this park was established by H. D. Bryant (a forest officer from Madurai) in the year 1908. Boasting of over 325 species of trees, cactuses and shrubs, this park appears like a gorgeous rainbow when all its flowers bloom.

Here, there is a special section of roses, where you can find approximately 740 of its varieties. A 157-year old Eucalyptus tree is one of the park's main attractions. There is also a large and beautiful Bodhi tree that adds to the park a religious significance.

During your visit, you can purchase ornamental plants that are cultivated in a nursery in the park. Every summer, flower shows and horticultural exhibits are organised in the park that attract countless visitors from different parts of the state and beyond.

  • Opening Closing Time 09:30 am – 05:00 pm. Open all days

  • Photo Opp

    For a wonderful session of photography in Kodaikanal, do visit the Bryant Park. The variety of roses, cactuses, shrubs, trees and other flowers found here are simply spectacular.
  • Entrance Fee Rs. 5

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