Bear Shola Falls in Kodaikanal

A visit to the Bear Shola Falls is a must during the monsoons.

A visit to the Bear Shola Falls is a must during the monsoons. | Photo credit: Aruna/Wikimediacommons

Bear Shola Falls Overview

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Situated around 3 km away from the Kodaikanal Bus Stand, Bear Shola Falls is a seasonal waterfall that comes to its full size during the monsoons. It lies at a distance of just 2 km from the star attraction of the hill station- Kodaikanal Lake.

It is a part of the Parappar River stream, which later takes the name of Tevankarai Aar when it reaches downhill. The surrounding undulating terrains that are swathed with dense forests form a picturesque backdrop to these waterfalls.

Bear Shola Falls has a slanting height and lies inside a forest reserve that is unhindered by human encroachments. It is quiet, peaceful and a true haven for those who want to escape from concrete forest parks. The forests of Western Ghats are renowned all over the world as a biodiversity hotspot. A visit to this area will bring one up close and personal with many common and rare species of animals and plants.

  • Opening Closing Time Sunrise – Sunset. Open all days

  • Photo Opp

    You must carry a camera when you visit the stunning Bear Shola Falls. The sight of waters disgorging from a height of several feet is always mind-stilling. The surrounding forests add more exquisiteness to the setting.

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Bear Shola Falls Pathway, Kodaikanal, 624103, Tamil Nadu