Shantinath Temple in Khajuraho

One of the most prominent temples in the complex.

One of the most prominent temples in the complex. | Photo credit: Antoine Taveneaux/Wikimediacommons

Shantinath Temple Overview

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Shantinath Temple is a prominent structure in the Eastern Group of Khajuraho Temples. Renowned for its exquisite and beautiful architecture, a number of Digambar Jains visit this shrine every year.

This temple is basically a combination of several small sections and shrines. The main section features a 3.7 metres (12 feet) high statue of Lord Shantinath – the sixteenth Jain Tirthankara (Avasarpini). At the temple entrance, there is an interesting statue of Kshetrapala (deity of the farmland). Inside, there is an attractive sculpture of a Yaksha (caretaker of natural treasures).

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    The marvellous architecture and beautiful sculptures are the prime attractions of this temple that must be captured in your camera.

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