Khajuraho FAQs

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Area geography

Nestled in the vibrant state of Madhya Pradesh in India, Khajuraho is part of the Chattarpur district and therefore has extreme tropical climate. It is believed that the town is built on the oldest rock bed of Chattrapur. Many rivers and valleys namely Narmada, Son, Chambal and Ken flow nearby the town. Some stunning waterfalls like Ranneh Falls amidst the lush green land offer a stunning spectacle.

Cellular service for tourists

Being a popular tourist destination in India, most of the mobile operators like Airtel, BSNL, Idea, Tata Indicom and Reliance provide cellular as well as mobile internet services. You can buy a local pre-paid SIM card to avoid high roaming charges from the any one of the mobile shops in Khajuraho.

Wifi internet

Khajuraho is a popular tourist destination and hence most of the touristy areas (especially the café near the Western group of temples) apart from hotels offer great Wi-Fi and Internet connectivity. While the internet speed might not be that great but the town has quite a number of cafés to ensure you stay connected.

Drinking laws

The legal drinking age in Khajuraho is 21 years.


Tipping porters and stewards in hotels is common across India (10% of the billing amount.) Also, don’t forget to tip your tourist guide but the same may be avoided with taxi/auto drivers.


Khajuraho is absolutely safe to travel. However, as a tourist, it is always wise to be cautious of your surroundings to avoid petty thefts like pickpocketing.

General information

Languages spoken

Hindi and some speak English

Time zones

IST (UTC+5.5 hours)

Major religions

Hinduism and Jainism

Domestic international calling codes

+ 7686

Electricity standards

The standard voltage in India is around 220 volts and typically a two or three pin plug s used by everyone. So, carry adapters as per your requirement.

Common greetings

Hello: Namaste

Good Morning: Namaste

Good Evening: Namaste

Goodbye: Namaste

Thank you: Dhanyavaad/ Shukriya

Sorry: Maaf kijiye

Do you speak English? Kya aap angrezi bolte hain?

I do not understand: Mujhe samajh nahi aaya

No: Nahi

Yes: Haan

I don’t know: Mujhe nahi pata

How are you? Aap kaise hain?

What is your name? Aapka naam kya hai?

My name is: Mera naam hai…

Where is the washroom? Shauchalaya kahan hai?

Is this vegetarian? (point to a dish in a menu card): Kya yeh shakahari hai?

Where is this? (point to a monument, amenity on a paper/map): Ye kahan pe hai?

How much does this cost? Yeh kitne ka hai?

Too expensive! Bahut mehenga hai!

A little cheaper: Thora sasta kariye


Emergency numbers

Police: 100/ 91-07686-274032
Fire: 101
Ambulance: 102
Khajuraho Airport: 91-07686-740415
Railway: 91-07686-288880
Khajuraho Tourism Office: 91-07686-274051 / 274062;
State Bank of India: 91-07686-272373, 274083
Post Office: 91-07686-274022