Transportation in Kausani

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  • On Foot

    Pack a good pair of walking shoes when travelling to Kausani. The best way to explore this gorgeous hill station is on foot. Soak in the nature’s bounty surrounding you and trek through the winding roads of Kausani.

  • Cycling

    If you are on the adventurous side, you may like to bicycle around Kausani. The roads downhill are well paved and cycling through it gives one the thrill of speed along with the joy of being in close proximity to the forest.

  • Road/Self-Drive

    If you like to drive on the winding hilly roads, driving up to Kausani is an excellent option as the uphill drives gives you several added opportunities to catch glimpses of the scenic landscape which lies all around. Kausani is 391 kilometres from New Delhi, and is connected via NH-24 and NH-87, which leads till Almora and further to Kausani.