Places To See in Kausani

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  • Gandhi Ashram

    Gandhi Ashram

    Mahatma Gandhi had stayed at this very ashram in 1929. Inspired by the blissful beauty of this picturesque hamlet, it is here that he wrote about Geeta-Anashakti Yog.

    Also known as Anashakti Ashram, it’s a simple whitewashed cottage engraved with the teachings of the Mahatma. With several quotes ...

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  • Sumitranandan Pant Gallery

    Sumitranandan Pant Gallery

    Being the hometown of the famous Hindi poet Sumitranandan Pant, Kausani houses a museum named after him. The museum showcases the manuscripts, drafts and the awards received by the great poet. It also has a library with an interesting collection of books. ...

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  • Pinnath


    Located at the foot of the Gopalkot Peak, Pinnath is a small village near Kausani known for the Pinnath Temple. The square shaped temple is dedicated Lord Bhairon. The walls of these temples are adorned with the images of Lord Mahadev and Devi. Pannith is also known for hosting a ...

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