Mall Road in Kausani

Pick up woollen jackets from the Mall Road

Pick up woollen jackets from the Mall Road

Mall Road Overview

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There aren’t many places to shop in Kausani except the Mall Road but with the range of stuff available here, one will be easily spoilt for choice! The Mall Road has a series of little shops that sell hand knitted caps and shawls. Kumaoni woollen jackets are quite popular here.

Other than the woollen garments, Kausani has also claimed its fame from the range of Kumaoni jams, pickles and chutneys. Made of locally grown exotic fruits, berries and spices, these products are a must-buy from Kausani. Other things that you may look for are organic cosmetics like lotions and hair products.

Don't Forget to Buy

  • Jackets
  • Kumaoni jams and pickles
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