Capture the sun melting down behind the mountains in Kausani

Capture the sun melting down behind the mountains in Kausani | Photo credit: Yogendra Joshi/Flickr

The stunning panoramas of the Himalayas from Kausani

The stunning panoramas of the Himalayas from Kausani | Photo credit: Yogendra Joshi/Flickr

Enjoy the view of the mighty snow-clad mountains from Kausani

Enjoy the view of the mighty snow-clad mountains from Kausani | Photo credit: Sanjoy Ghosh/Flickr

View the gorgeous valley from a hilltop in Kausani

View the gorgeous valley from a hilltop in Kausani | Photo credit: Utkarshsingh.1992/Wikimedia

Destination Snapshot

  • Travel Style

  • First Timers
  • Adventure Buffs
  • Nirvana-aah
  • Something Different
    • Language

      Hindi, Kumaoni
    • Altitude

      1,890 metres above sea level (6,200 feet)
    • Time zone

      IST (UTC+5.5 hours)
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Gorgeous Kausani; of shimmering snow peaks, colourful flowers and the faint smell of pines in the air…

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You will like

  • Hills

    The lush green hills of Kausani are clad in wide stretches of pine and deodar forests. Whether you choose to trek through the hills or simply admire the sheer beauty, it is one aspect of Kausani you just can’t afford to miss!

  • Adventure

    Kausani attracts several aspiring adventurers every year as there are several untouched hillocks waiting to be explored. Trekking and mountain biking in Kausani are big draws for those who like to traverse the hills in an adventurous way.

    Dotted with some of the most challenging and picturesque trekking routes all around it, Kausani is the base camp for treks to various other destinations such as Dharchula, Adi-Kailash, Bara Pinath and Sundergandha. You can also enjoy uphill and downhill mountain-biking sessions in the hills, enjoying panoramic views of the landscape while doing so.

  • Relaxation

    Being located amidst peaceful environs where people live in perfect harmony with nature, Kausani is the ideal place to take a relaxing break. You can experience serenity at its subtle best in Kausani; the majestic mountains and the cool weather are sure to rejuvenate your senses.

  • Temples

    Kausani has quite a few places of religious significance that are scattered both in and around the town. Baijnath, a holy town in close proximity houses several ancient temples dating back to the 12th century. The temples are located alongside the banks of Gomti River. A remarkable attraction at the Baijnath Temple is a huge stone that supposedly can only be lifted by placing nine index fingers around it, all at once.

Be prepared

  • Mobile Network Issues

    Those who like to stay connected 24*7 may face some issues with poor mobile network connectivity, especially on the outskirts of Kausani.

Describing It

Welcome to the ‘Mini Switzerland’ of Uttarakhand… Kausani. This minuscule hill station crowned atop the hills of Uttarakhand offers nothing but spectacular sights of the verdant landscape in the proximity and snow-white Himalayas beyond. The heavenly hilltop hamlet commands stunning 365-degree views the Himalayan mountain range that surrounds it.

Perched at an altitudinous rise well over 1,890 metres above the face of the sea, Kausani is one of the few untouched hill stations in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, which has managed to stay hidden from the boisterous tourism wave; it is still the way it was, the way it should be: sanguine, serene and simplistic.

In Kausani, wild flowers hang from craggy hills, birds and butterflies flutter, and if you’re lucky, shimmering snow peaks surface from the mist, so near that you feel you can touch them. On rolling slopes, pine and cedar trees flourish and quaint mountain lodges are everywhere. This is an outback of Kumaon, left to its own devices, bursting with beauty.

Kausani has many claims to fame. The stunning vista of snow peaks that runs for 375 kilometres is indeed enchanting. Noted Hindi poet Sumitra Nandan Pant was born here and enamoured with the hamlet, Mahatma Gandhi had called Kausani the Switzerland of India. Anashakti Ashram is where he had stayed in 1929. Crimson lilies here blaze against the pristine white of the building.

The charm of Kausani unanimously defines the splendour of Kumaon. Though the cosy little hamlet has a limited spread of land to explore, the possibilities are absolutely endless. From holy shrines and densely forested mounds to plunging valleys with meandering cobbled trails amidst jagged terrains overlooking the far flung snow-capped peaks, Kumaon has it all snugly fit into a single parcel - Kausani.