The shimmering Dal Lake

The shimmering Dal Lake

Snow time in Gulmarg

Snow time in Gulmarg

The beautiful Mughal Gardens

The beautiful Mughal Gardens | Photo credit: Etta Talwar Dutta

A riot of colours at the tulip garden

A riot of colours at the tulip garden

A must visit place

  • Nature Admirers

Pristine valleys, snow clad mighty Himalayas, floating markets on the shimmering Dal Lake… abode of Gods themselves. Experience all this and much more in India’s crown jewel – Kashmir.

Where heaven and earth actually meet, mountains cradle the valleys in their green bosom and the shikara (houseboat) communities practically never set foot on earth! No traveller’s journey is complete without experiencing the ‘Paradise on Earth’- Kashmir.

Touring Kashmir feels as if you’ve entered a Van Gogh painting where you see one beautiful vista after another. Whether it’s the famous floating market on Dal Lake or feasting on surreal views from atop the gondola ride in Gulmarg, the feeling of elation will be consistent.

Although safety was once a concern in Kashmir, an extended period of peace in the Valley has seen tourism booming in the region. Kashmir, like a majestic phoenix, has gloriously risen from the ashes of insurgency.

The roads, namely the Manali-Leh-Srinagar highway, leading to Kashmir are as famous for their enchanting and scenic sights as they are for the friendly army presence along the way. If a refreshing break is what you need on your road journey, indulge in a conversation with the guardians of peace.

Kashmir has something to offer everyone – the Tulip Festival in Srinagar for nature lovers, skiing at Gulmarg, white-water rafting in Sonmarg and camping in the green valleys of Pahalgam for adventure enthusiasts. For epicureans, a wazwan meal (traditional Kashmiri cuisine comprising 36 courses) with Kashmiri kahwah (saffron infused green tea) in the end is a must try. Kashmiris take immense pride in creating these dishes which are considered an art!

Whether you visit Kashmir for a few days or for a longer duration, the voice that will reverberate in your head while you’re there will surely be if there is heaven on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here.

Destinations to visit

  • Srinagar


    Shikaras lined peacefully over calm, cold waters of the Dal Lake and the refreshing sights of the sun-drenched city… Recreate your own paradise on earth – visit Srinagar! ...

    Lakes and Waterfalls Parks and Gardens Monuments
  • Pahalgam


    Golfing at 7800 feet, white-water rafting across the tumultuous Lidder River or camping in the inviting pastures of Baisaran. Experience one of India’s most popular destinations - Pahalgam! ...

    Lakes and Waterfalls Adventure Nature
  • Sonmarg


    Known as the ‘meadow of gold’, Sonmarg is a visitor’s delight. From The gushing Indus River to vast green valleys, the beauty that beckons you at 8,000 feet provides for an unmatched experience! ...

    Lakes and Waterfalls Adventure Nature
  • Gulmarg


    Exotic flowers, timeless snow covered slopes and the mighty Himalayan range in the backdrop... Discover the charm of elegant Gulmarg! ...

    Parks & Gardens Lakes and Waterfalls Adventure Nature