Suru Valley in Kargil (Ladakh)

A beautiful lowland, Suru Valley offers visitors beautiful views.

A beautiful lowland, Suru Valley offers visitors beautiful views. | Photo credit: Anwaraj/wikimedia

Suru Valley Overview

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Suru Valley, a picturesque lowland, lies at an average elevation of 3000 m in the foothills of the Great Himalayas. This valley encompasses the catchment basin of the Suru River, which emerges from the Panzella glacier. Extending from Kargil to Panzella glacier, this fertile canyon is cultivated more than any other region in Ladakh.

The rugged terrains of this valley are drained by several rivulets that descend from the Himalayan Mountains. Lofty pinnacles of Kun and Nun mountains crown the breathtaking landscape of this scenic region. With the arrival of spring, the valley gets carpeted with the verdure of blooming apple, mulberry and apricot trees.

Most of the inhabitants of this sprawling region are of Tibeti-Darad origin, who converted from Buddhism to Islam around the 16th century. These people reside in quaint villages that consist of old houses, perched above hillocks and surrounded by verdant agricultural tracts.

  • Photo Opp

    Suru Valley boasts of breathtaking landscapes that make it a dreamland for photography. From soaring Himalayan crests to floating glaciers, snow dominates the vista of this picture-perfect valley. Lush green agricultural lands and gurgling streams add to the beauty of the region, providing some stunning shots to capture in the camera.

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