Phuktal Monastery in Kargil (Ladakh)

Phuktal Monastery Overview

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Nestled in Zanskar's secluded Lungnak Valley, the Phuktal Monastery is an ancient Buddhist shrine that is associated with Gelug – the Yellow Hat sect of Tibetan Buddhism. This shrine is situated in a cave that was frequented by sages and scholars in the past.

The present shrine was established during the early 14th century and has an interesting story associated with it. Since time immemorial, the cave was the abode of 16 Arhats, eminent scholars, translators and spiritual teachers. Later, it became a centre of Dharma teachings by the trio of scholar brothers – Dangsong, Pun and Sum, who possessed supernatural powers. Upon arrival of Jangsem Sherap Zangpo, a disciple of Gelug's founder Tsongkhapa, they handed over the place to him. With his special powers, Jangsem made a spring originate at the spot that made the cave grow larger. At the same site, this monastery was built under his patronage.

At present, this gompa has a temple and prayer rooms, where daily prayers and rituals are held. The monastery also has teaching facilities and a library to educate people about this sect of Tibetan Buddhism. Besides, a few apartments and kitchen form a part of this ancient monastery. The original cave and magical spring can be seen by visitors as well. Several festivals are celebrated in this shrine year-round, which include the birth occasion of Tsongkhapa, fasting ceremonies and Gustor – a festival dedicated to world peace.

  • Opening Closing Time "Prayer Schedule:
    04:30 am, Noon and 07:00 pm (Summer)
    08:00 am, Noon and 05:00 pm (Winter)"
    Open all days

  • Photo Opp

    Phuktal Monastery has a quaint charm, which attracts photographers to click its snapshots. Situated in the scenic valley of Ladakh, the monastery has beautiful surroundings that are worth capturing in the camera.

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Tsarap Road, Zanskar, Ladakh, 194302, Jammu and Kashmir