Thanumalayan Temple Sthanumalayan Kovil in Kanyakumari

Thanumalayan Temple Sthanumalayan Kovil Overview

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Famed for its architectural splendour, Thanumalayan Temple is a 17th century Hindu shrine in the Suchindrum town of Kanyakumari. It is also referred to as the Suchindrum Temple and Sthanumalayan Temple by locals. Thanumalayan is a combination of three words, where Thanu stands for Shiva, Mal for Vishnu and Ayan is a name of Brahma. As the name suggests, the Trinity of these Hindu deities is worshiped in the temple. The temple enshrines one feet tall lingam of Sri Sthanumalaya, which symbolises these three Gods and is housed in the sanctum sanctorum.

Among many legends associated with the establishment of this shrine, the one that explains the appearance of the Trinity is the chastity test of Anasuya – Sage Atri's wife. It states that once the Trinity visited the couple's house as brahmans and requested for food, upon the condition that she would have to serve it nude. Using the power of her chastity, she turned them into babies and served the food as per their wish. Dismayed by the absence of their husbands, consorts of the Trinity visited Anasuya to find them, but failed to identify them. It was only after many requests that she brought them back to their original form. After this incident, a holy lingam emerged at the site, which is installed in the shrine.

Architecturally, the temple is an epitome of excellent craftsmanship. There are around 30 shrines within the Thanumalayan Temple, each boasting of impressive architecture. The temple structure includes an attractive gopuram, mandapas and a garbha griha (sanctum sanctorum). The 7-tiered gopuram (temple tower) can be viewed from a distance and features intricately carved images of various Hindu deities.

Moreover, the temple has several beautiful mandapas like Alangara Mandapam, Chempakaraman Mandapam and Garuda Mandapam. The major highlights of the Alangara Mandapam are its musical pillars. Melodious musical tunes can be heard from these pillars when tapped. The Chempakaraman Mandapam, on the other hand, is a pavilion serving as a display of art and architecture. A beautifully crafted statue of Thirumalai Nayakkar in the Garuda Mandapam attracts many. Other notable structures in the temple are Thekkedam (featuring an image of Lord Vishnu), Konnayadi (having three swayambu lingams at the base of an old tree) and sanctum of Chitra Sabha. The place is also noted for housing a huge idol of Nandi, which is one of the biggest across the country.

  • Opening Closing Time Abhishekam for Moola Lingam
    4:15 am

    Abhishekam for Thanumalayan Shrine
    4:45 am

    Daily Festival Pooja
    5:30 am

    Tharai Abhishekam
    6:30 am

    Mistanga Pooja
    7 am

    Uchikkala Poojai, Deepa Aradhanai
    11 am

    Deepa Aradhanai, Ahala Poojai & Arthajama Poojai
    6:30 pm

    Open all days

  • Photo Opp

    The splendid architecture of this temple compels visitors to click numerous pictures. They can capture the imposing 7-storey tower of the temple, which is highlighted even from a distance.
  • Entrance Fee Free Entry

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