Courtallam Falls in Kanyakumari

Courtallam Falls Overview

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Courtallam is a small town in Tirunelveli, situated at an altitude of about 167 metres in Western Ghats. This place has gained immense popularity because of its beautiful waterfalls. It is believed that the water of these falls have medicinal properties, owing to which Courtallam has earned the sobriquet 'Spa of South India'. There are nine waterfalls in this town, which are collectively called the Courtallam Falls. These are Peraruvi (Main Falls), Aintharuvi (Five Falls), Pazhaya Courtallam (Old Falls), Chitraruvi (Small Falls), Shenbagadevi Falls, Thenaruvi (Honey Falls), Pazhathotta Aruvi, Puli Aruvi (Tiger Falls) and Palaruvi Falls (Milk Falls). Out of these, only Aintharuvi, Peraruvi and Pazhaya Courtallam Aruvi are accessible by road, rest can be reached through trekking uphill.

Peraruvi, with a drop of 300 feet, is the most popular waterfall of the region. Chitraruvi Falls, on the other hand, is a small cascade located adjacent to Peraruvi. Aintharuvi or Five Falls is unique in terms of its fall as water flows in five directions, resembling a 5-headed cobra. It is highly revered among locals as they compare it to Adishesha – the Serpent King as per Hindu mythology. Shenbagadevi Falls is named after the nearby temple of Shenbagadevi. Puli Aruvi or Tiger Falls is another venerated spot owing to the presence of a shrine in its vicinity. Lastly, Palaruvi Falls is located a few kilometres away from Peraruvi.

  • Photo Opp

    Abound with beautiful waterfalls, at Courtallam provides several opportunities to shutterbugs to capture some enthralling scenic vistas.
  • For Kids

    These waterfalls are among those few spots where kids can have fun. Children can also enjoy swimming under the supervision of adults.
  • Movie Connect

    A popular song from the award-winning movie Roja (1992) was shot at the Courtallam Falls. Dil hai chota sa - the introductory song of the lead actress (Madhoo) of this Mani Ratnam directed movie - featured the stunning falls.

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Courtallam, 627802, Tamil Nadu