Udawattekele Sanctuary in Kandy

Udawattekele Sanctuary Overview

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Udawattakele Sanctuary, also known as the Royal Forest Park, extends up to 257 acres and is known for its rich vegetation and large variety of birds. Udawattakele was recognized as a forest reserve in 1856; later, it was converted to a wildlife sanctuary in 1938. Nature enthusiasts would love the peace, greenery and the silence of the sanctuary.

Udawattekele is known for being one of the best bird watching spots in Sri Lanka. More than 80 species of birds have made the sanctuary their home. While on a walking trip to the sanctuary, some of the spots that you should not miss are the Senkanda Cave, the highest peak ‘Kodimale’ and the water pond. You will come across several Buddhist temples and hermitages located inside the sanctuary too.

  • Entrance Fee 30 Lankan Rupees for locals | 570 Lankan Rupees for foreigners

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