Kandyan Dance Performance in Kandy

Kandyan Dance Performance Overview

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Watching a live Kandyan Dance Performance is a must while you are in Kandy. The incredible dance performance leaves spectators speechless in the beginning and clamoring for more by the end. Legends surrounding the vigorous dance suggest that the origins of the dance lie in an exorcism ritual known as the Kohomba Kankariya. The Kohomba Kankariya was performed by Indian shamans who visited the island.

Today the ritualistic dance includes various forms like the cobra dance, the mask dance, and the Ginisila – which literally means ‘dominating the fire’. The most breathtaking part of the dance is its climax. After the spectacle of frenetic dancing, the performance ends with the daredevil fire walking act. Sounds thrilling, doesn’t it? Well, it looks even better...