Things to Do in Jodhpur

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  • Umaid Bhawan Palace

    Umaid Bhawan Palace

    Also known as Chittar Palace, this monument is divided into three areas, namely a heritage hotel, museum and the Maharaja’s royal residence. Umaid Bhawan Palace is one of the most exclusive hotels of Jodhpur. An architectural marvel, it is equipped with all modern facilities and offers a royal experience.

    Landmark Museum Monument
  • Jaswant Thada

    Jaswant Thada

    The Jaswant Thada is an architectural marvel with intricate carvings. Famed as one of the most beautiful white marble cenotaphs, it was built in 1899 by Maharaja Sardar Singh in commemoration of his father Maharaja Jaswant Singh II. This white marble wonder of Rajasthan is often called the Taj Mahal ...

    Monument Landmark
  • Government Museum

    Government Museum

    Visit the Government Museum to see a unique display of the rich collection of weapons, textiles, miniature portraits, local crafts and images of Jain Tirthankaras (sages). Other than that, you would find many interesting artifacts here. A visit to this popular museum is a must if you are a lover ...

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  • Mahamandir Temple

    Mahamandir Temple

    Located on Mandore Road, Mahamandir, or the great temple, stands majestic and tall. Built on 84 huge pillars adorned with impeccable artistry in the form of carvings of various yogic postures, it houses various ancient shrines. The walls and pillars here boast of a number of traditional motifs. ...

  • Sardar Samand Lake

    Sardar Samand Lake

    Bird-watchers rejoice, for this beautiful lake allows an excellent viewing opportunity of migratory birds. Located 60 kilometres south-east of Jodhpur, Sardar Samand Lake offers peaceful environ to visitors. On your way to the lake, you might just spot black bucks, neelgai and chinkara. What’s more, this lake offers a beautiful ...

    Lake/Waterfall Places to see around
  • Jodhpur Polo and Equestrian Institute

    Jodhpur Polo and Equestrian Institute

    If you plan to visit Jodhpur in December, witness a game of polo at the Jodhpur Polo and Equestrian Institute. Get charmed by the sport of the royals as you watch this sport as it is a novel experience for you. For those interested in playing, you can do so ...

  • Umed Garden Zoo

    Umed Garden Zoo

    Meet exotic birds from Africa and Australia. Watch ducks and rabbits play among themselves as you visit the ‘Walk-in Aviary’ at the Umed Garden Zoo. This place is a must visit if you are travelling with kids. It promises a fun-filled and memorable experience in addition to loads of exciting ...

    For Kids Zoo/Aquarium
  • Chamunda Devi Temple

    Chamunda Devi Temple

    The famous Chamunda Devi Temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga and is located at the end of the Mehrangarh Fort. Rao Jodha got the main idol of Chamunda Mataji for the temple from Mandore in 1460. Every year, during Dusshera, millions of devotees gather at the fort to get ...

  • Salawas


    Located 22 kilometers from Jodhpur, Salawas is a small village known for colourful durries (heavy cotton rugs) made by local craftsmen. There are few mid-range hotels in Salawas including home-stay options if you wish to experience the local lifestyle and culture. One can also gorge on delicious authentic Rajasthani food ...

    Cultural Places to see around
  • Marwar Festival

    Marwar Festival

    Every year, to honour the epic heroes of Rajasthan, a two-day festival is held in the month of September/October. If you happen to visit Jodhpur during this time, get ready to witness folk dancers who put up a great show exhibiting the regal lifestyle and the true battle stories of ...

  • Jodhpur International Desert Kite Festival

    Jodhpur International Desert Kite Festival

    Held every year on the Makar Sakranti festival (i.e. 14th January), this 3-day festival presents a colourful spectacle of kites in the sky. So, while a fleet of helicopters release kites of different shapes and patterns, children too join the bandwagon by releasing balloons. Many kite enthusiasts from different parts ...

  • Jodhpur RIFF - Rajasthan International Folk Festival

    Jodhpur RIFF - Rajasthan International Folk Festival

    Celebrated every year in the month of October, this 5-day festival is spearheaded by the RIFF society ( which includes the Mehrangarh Museum Trust and the Jaipur Virasat Foundation) since 2007. More than 200 musicians and artists unite to celebrate Rajasthan’s folk music and history. From a hippy jazz night ...

  • Nagaur Fair

    Nagaur Fair

    Get ready to be a part of India’s second biggest fair- the Cattle fair of Nagaur. Every year, during January-February, an 8-day festival is organised for animal trading. Approximately 70,000 decorated cows, bullocks, camels and horses are traded in the Nagaur fair every year.

    Owners of the cattle ...

  • Balsamand Lake and Garden

    Balsamand Lake and Garden

    Balsamand Lake is one of the prominent picnic spots, located about 8 km away from the main city of Jodhpur. Surrounded by hills, this kilometre-long artificial lake was constructed in 1159 as a reservoir to supply water in the Mandore region. There is a picturesque garden alongside the lake that ...

    Park/Garden Lake/Waterfall
  • Kailana Lake

    Kailana Lake

    Considered as a heaven for nature enthusiasts and birdwatchers, Kailana Lake in Jodhpur is among the most-visited lakes in the state of Rajasthan. This artificial lake, sprawling over an area of 84 sq km, was constructed in 1872 by the then Prime Minister of Jodhpur, Kalyan Singh. In the past, ...

  • Rai Ka Bag Palace

    Rai Ka Bag Palace

    The magnificent Rai Ka Bag Palace, located close to the namesake railway station in the ancient city of Jodhpur, is among the noted attractions of the destination. This imposing palace was built in the year 1663 by the queen of Raja Jaswant Singh I, Hadiji. It is said that the ...

  • Jai Pol

    Jai Pol

    A part of the historical Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, Jai Pol is a massive gateway, constructed as a victory memorial. This gate is one of the seven entrances of the impressive citadel that is set atop a hillock. Maharaja Man Singh, the former king of Marwar, built this gate in ...

    Monument Landmark
  • Jaswant Sagar Dam

    Jaswant Sagar Dam

    Jaswant Sagar Dam, in Pichiyak Village of Jodhpur, was built in 1892 by Maharaja Jaswant Singh. The reason behind the construction of this dam was to fulfil the irrigation requirements of Jodhpur. At present, the dam serves as a recreational spot - providing boating facilities and offering scenic views of ...

    Lake/Waterfall For Kids
  • Mandore Garden

    Mandore Garden

    Mandore Garden is a heritage spot, situated in its namesake town, towards the outskirts of Jodhpur. After the town was abandoned for the protection of the Mehrangarh Fort, the garden remained as a reminder of its glorious past. This garden has a high rock terrace, which is its most prominent ...

  • Phool Mahal

    Phool Mahal

    Phool Mahal (Flower Palace) is one of the most opulent and eminent period rooms in the Mehrangarh Fort. Visitors come here to catch a glimpse of the extravagant lifestyle of the erstwhile rulers. Built by Maharaja Abhaya Singh in the 18th century, it served as a pleasure room for female ...

  • Chokelao Bagh

    Chokelao Bagh

    Chokelao Bagh, within the premises of the Mehrangarh Fort, was constructed by Maharaja Abhai Singh in 1739. In the year 1844, Maharaja Takht Singh made a few changes so that he could spend some leisure time amidst natural beauty. An interesting fact about this garden is that many of the ...

  • Baba Ramdev Temple

    Baba Ramdev Temple

    Baba Ramdev Temple is an ancient shrine perched on the Masuria Hill, amid Nagori and Jalori gates in Jodhpur. The shrine, also known as Adhar Shila Temple, holds great religious significance among locals. Thousands of devotees gather here every year during the Bhadva season to offer prayers to the presiding ...

  • Sachiya Mata Temple

    Sachiya Mata Temple

    Situated on a hillock in Osian, Sachiya Mata Temple is an ancient shrine with its origin dating back to the 8th century. The temple is dedicated to Sachiya Mata, daughter of the demon King Pauloma and wife of Rain God Indra. Originally, it was built by Parmar King Upendre in ...

  • Takhat Sagar Lake

    Takhat Sagar Lake

    Takhat Sagar Lake, counted among beautiful lakes of Jodhpur, is situated close to the Takhat Sagar Hills. It is named after Maharaja Takhat Singh, an erstwhile ruler of Jodhpur of the 19th century.

    This major tourist spot is renowned for its calm environs and splendid surroundings. Amidst the hills ...

  • Chamunda Mata Temple

    Chamunda Mata Temple

    Chamunda Mata Temple is an ancient shrine built within the premises of the Mehrangarh Fort. The temple lies in the southern end of the fort and has a typical stone architecture. This shrine is dedicated to Chamunda Mata, who is also called Chamundi Devi and Goddess Chamundeshwari. Rao Jodha, the ...

  • Jain Mahavira Temple

    Jain Mahavira Temple

    Located in the small and ancient town of Osian in Jodhpur, the Jain Mahavira Temple is a significant pilgrimage centre for Jains. The temple was built in AD 775 by Pratihara King Vatsa in commemoration of Lord Mahavira, who was the 24th Jain Tirthankara.

    The temple, thronged by devotees ...

    Religious Places To See Around
  • Machiya Safari Park

    Machiya Safari Park

    Machiya Safari Park, an interesting tourist attraction, is about a kilometre away from Kaylana Lake in Jodhpur. Home to a number of wild animals, it is an ideal place for nature and wildlife admirers. Blue bull, rabbit, desert fox, wild cat, deer, monitor lizard, monkey and mongoose can easily be ...

    Zoo/Aquarium Park/Garden
  • Santoshi Mata Temple

    Santoshi Mata Temple

    Located in Lal Sagar near Mandore, Santoshi Mata Temple is an ancient shrine in Jodhpur. Main deity of the temple is Santoshi Mata, also known as the Mother of Contentment. As per Hindu mythology, Santoshi Mata is daughter of Lord Ganesha and incarnation of Goddess Durga. Considered to be omnipresent ...

  • Mandir Shri Kunj Bihari Ji

    Mandir Shri Kunj Bihari Ji

    Mandir Shri Kunj Bihari Ji, built in 1847, is situated in the interiors of the city of Jodhpur. The temple is dedicated to Thakur Kunj Bihari Ji (Lord Krishna), also known as Sri Nathji, and belongs to Rama Nandi Vaishnava sect of Hindus.

    This imposing structure was constructed by ...

  • Phalodi Fort

    Phalodi Fort

    Phalodi Fort is a historical site, located in the small city of Phalodi in Jodhpur. This imposing edifice was built in 1488 by Rao Hammir Narawat, the grandson of Rao Suja Maharaja of Jodhpur.

    The fort reflects the fine work of artists of Marwar of the bygone era. ...

    Monument Places To See Around
  • Achal Nath Shivalaya

    Achal Nath Shivalaya

    Achal Nath Shivalaya is a revered shrine in Jodhpur, dedicated to the Hindu Lord Shiva. Nanak Devi - wife of mighty Rajput king Rao Ganga, built the temple, whose construction was completed in the year 1531.

    This ancient shrine comprises three main halls - garbha griha, mandap bhavan and ...

  • Loha Pol

    Loha Pol

    Loha Pol is one of the seven entrances to the Mehrangarh Fort, located in Jodhpur. Considered the heaviest of all the gates, it leads to the palaces and erstwhile residences of the royal families.

    Major highlights of this historic gate are the handprints of the queens, who performed sati ...

    Landmark Monument
  • Mahamandir


    Apart from palaces and ancient edifices, Jodhpur is known for its beautiful temples. One of the revered shrines and a popular tourist attraction is the Mahamandir Temple, dedicated to Hindu God Shiva. It is a marvellous piece of architecture, situated on Mandore Road, about 2 kilometers away from the city.

  • Sun Temple

    Sun Temple

    Located in the ancient town of Ossian, Sun Temple is one of the most highly revered places of worship. The grand architecture of the shrine speaks volumes about the craftsmanship of the bygone era.

    Built in the 10th century, this temple attracts thousands of devotees from places near and ...

  • Umed Garden

    Umed Garden

    Umed Garden or Umaid Garden is among the most fascinating and expansively laid gardens in Jodhpur. Established by Maharaja Umed Singh, this garden sprawls over an area of 82 acres. Also known as the public park, it features five separate entry gates and a vast variety of seasonal flowers and ...

    Park/Garden Zoo/Aquarium For Kids
  • Raj Ranchhodji Temple

    Raj Ranchhodji Temple

    Raj Ranchhodji Temple, located about 3.5 km away from the city centre, is one of the must-visit shrines in Jodhpur. Queen Jadechi Rajkanwar built this temple in 1905 in the memory of her husband – Maharaja Jaswant Singh. It is believed that since her childhood, the queen was a devotee ...

  • Ramdevra Temple

    Ramdevra Temple

    Ramdevra Temple, also known as Shri Ramdev Temple, is an important religious site situated in the namesake village. The temple was built by the mighty king of Bikaner - Maharaja Ganga Singh in 1931 to pay homage to Baba Ramdevji. Legend has it that, he took samadhi here at the ...

  • Rasik Bihari Temple or Niniji Temple

    Rasik Bihari Temple or Niniji Temple

    Rasik Bihari Temple is a holy shrine, situated on Udai Mandir Road in Jodhpur. This revered temple was built by Naini Bai and is often called as Naini Ji Temple. The main deity worshipped in the temple is Rasik Bihari (a name given to the Hindu deity Krishna). Presently, the ...

  • Shri Ganesh Temple

    Shri Ganesh Temple

    Nestled in Ratnada Hills in Jodhpur, Shri Ganesh Temple is visited by countless devotees every year. Dedicated to Lord Ganesha, this temple is believed to have existed since 1459.

    According to a popular legend, the human-size idol of Lord Ganesha (son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati) emerged naturally ...

  • Arna-Jharna: The Desert Museum of Rajasthan

    Arna-Jharna: The Desert Museum of Rajasthan

    The Desert Museum of Rajasthan is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Jodhpur. The words arna and jharna mean jungle and spring, respectively. The idea behind this unique attraction of Moklawas village was conceptualised by Komal Kothari (a renowned verbal historian and folklorist) and executed by his son ...

  • Clock Tower

    Clock Tower

    Clock Tower, also known as Ghanta Ghar , is an important landmark in the Old City of Jodhpur. The mighty ruler Maharaja Sardar Singh built this colossal clock tower, in proximity to the popular Sadar Bazar. This few-storey tower is beautifully lit in the evening, which adds to its overall ...

  • Rao Jodha Ji Statue

    Rao Jodha Ji Statue

    Rao Jodha Ji Statue is set on a small hilltop along the road that leads to Jaswant Thada (near the Mehrangarh Fort). It was built in the honour of Rao Jodha Ji, who founded the beautiful city of Jodhpur.

    The statue, encircled by iron grills, depicts Rao Jodha Ji ...

  • Umaid Bhawan Palace Museum

    Umaid Bhawan Palace Museum

    The beautiful city of Jodhpur is known for its grand palaces, beautiful temples and ancient museums. One such crowd-puller is the Umaid Bhawan Palace, which is symbolic of the state's regal past.

    The palace is called as Chittar Palace as local Chittar sandstone had been used extensively in its ...

  • Mehrangarh Fort

    Mehrangarh Fort

    A magnificent historical edifice that serves as the crowning glory of Jodhpur, this fort stands on top of a raised hillock that is 400 metres above the level of its surrounding terrains. With its sprawling expanse, it prides in being one of the largest forts present across the country. The ...

    Landmark Monument Museum
  • Zenana Mahal

    Zenana Mahal

    Zenana Mahal, the erstwhile royal abode of Jodhpur queens, is an integral part of the majestic Mehrangarh Fort. In the yesteryears, nearly two-third area of the fort was reserved for the zenana(women). One of the prominent courts dedicated to the Jodhpur queens was the Moti Mahal Chowk, which displays architectural ...