Sachiya Mata Temple in Jodhpur

Sachiya Mata Temple Overview

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Situated on a hillock in Osian, Sachiya Mata Temple is an ancient shrine with its origin dating back to the 8th century. The temple is dedicated to Sachiya Mata, daughter of the demon King Pauloma and wife of Rain God Indra. Originally, it was built by Parmar King Upendre in commemoration of his Kuldevi. Later, it was renovated during the 12th century, and since then, it remained unchanged.

A series of magnificently sculpted arches forms the entrance of the temple complex. The main chamber enshrines an idol of the presiding deity, Sachiya Mata along with images of other Hindu deities. Two separate temples dedicated to Hindu Goddess Chandi and Goddess Amba Mata are also built within the complex. A sculpture of Varaha - boar incarnation of Lord Vishnu, is located in the north complex, while statues of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi are present in the east.

The temple is thronged by devotees throughout the year, who offer the traditional Indian sweet called lapsi along with saffron and sandal to the goddess. Besides, Sachiya Mata Temple is a prime religious site for devotees from Bafna clan of Jains, who organise their auspicious ceremonies here, including mundan (shaving of head).

  • Opening Closing Time 6 am to 7:15 pm

  • Photo Opp

    Situated on the hilltop, this temple provides scenic views of the surroundings. Besides, the beautifully carved arches are worth capturing.

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Osian, Jodhpur, 342303, Rajasthan