Ziarat Peer Mitha in Jammu

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A revered Islamic shrine, located in the heart of the Jammu city, this place of worship features a twin structure, which is composed of a beautiful mosque and a large tomb. A fine specimen of splendid Mughal architecture style, this edifice boasts of fine carvings and gracefully adorned interiors. Eye-soothing verdure surrounds this grand construction, adding to its aesthetic appeal.

This shrine is dedicated to Baba Ziarat, who was an esteemed Muslim saint. One day, his followers gave him a pinch of sugar (Mitha) as offering, which he accepted. This is from where the place derived its title, which is an amalgamation of the saint's name and the holy offering. Devotees from different places gather here in large numbers to pay homage to the saint. This is one of those worshipping places that can be visited by people of any caste, creed and religion.

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Ziarat Peer Mitha, Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir