Monuments in Jaisalmer

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  • Jaisalmer Fort

    Jaisalmer Fort

    The most famous landmark in the city, Jaisalmer Fort is one of the largest forts in the world. Built in 1156 AD, the fort is also popularly known as Sonar Qila. Unlike other forts in the country, Jaisalmer Fort is a massive fort with a museum, shops, hotels, houses and ...

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  • Patwon Ki Haveli

    Patwon Ki Haveli

    One of the largest havelis in Rajasthan, Patwon ki Haveli is a cluster of five small havelis. Started by Guman Chand Patwa, a wealthy banker, Patwon ki Haveli took almost 55 years to be built and was completed by his sons.

    The haveli is dipped in ...

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  • Salim Singh ki Haveli

    Salim Singh ki Haveli

    Salim Singh ki Haveli was built by Salim Singh, who was the formidable prime minister of Jaisalmer when it was the capital of the princely state. Almost 300 years old, the haveli adorns a beautiful, arched roof in the shape of a peacock. A part of the haveli is still ...

  • Nath Mal ki Haveli

    Nath Mal ki Haveli

    Once the residence of Diwan Mohata Nathmal, who was the Prime Minister of Jaisalmer, this grand haveli has an interesting story behind it. It is said that the construction of this structure began from two sides at the same time. With huge life-size elephants carved out of yellow stone ...

  • Bada Bagh

    Bada Bagh

    Located approximately 6 kilometres off Jaisalmer, Bada Bagh is a popular attraction that is frequented by tourists who come to visit the various chattris or royal cenotaphs which exist here. The Jait Sar Tank and the Jait Bandh are also popular attractions to check out while visiting Bada Bagh. ...

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  • Jain Temples

    Jain Temples

    The Jain temples are the most important religious attractions in Jaisalmer. Constructed in the 12th century, the temples are situated within the Jaisalmer Fort campus.

    The Jain temples are famous for their intricate carvings and architecture and bear striking similarity to the Dilwara Temples near Mount ...

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  • Jaisalmer Fort Palace Museum and Heritage Centre

    Jaisalmer Fort Palace Museum and Heritage Centre

    Situated inside the majestic Jaisalmer Fort, the Jaisalmer Fort Palace Museum and Heritage Centre was an erstwhile royal residence, which was later converted into a heritage centre and museum. The museum houses a great collection of artefacts depicting the rich culture and heritage of Jaisalmer.

    It ...

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  • Khaba Fort

    Khaba Fort

    Yet another fascinating and slightly spooky fort in Jaisalmer, Khaba Fort, was once inhabited by the Paliwal Brahmins. It was then suddenly deserted for mysterious reasons. The fort still has the ruins of the homes of some 80 families that used to live here more than 200 years ago. ...

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  • Vyas Chhatri

    Vyas Chhatri

    A beautiful example of Rajasthani architecture, Vyas Chhatri as the name suggests, is dedicated to sage Vyaas, the writer of the epic Mahabharata. This local version of a cenotaph, is made up of delicate carvings that are a sight to behold.

    This is also one of the ...

  • Maharaja's Palace

    Maharaja's Palace

    Situated within the Jaisalmer Fort, the Maharaja’s Palace is a small yet fascinating structure with plenty to see.

    The intricate details and architectural grandeur of the palace is very impressive. The best part of this five-storeyed structure is the rooftop which offers the most gorgeous view ...

  • Tazia Tower

    Tazia Tower

    Tazia in Urdu refers to a float taken during the procession of Muharram. The old Muslim craftsmen of the time gave this structure the shape of a Tazia as a symbol of their religion. The architects of the tower gifted the palace to the Royal patrons of Badal Palace.

  • Dussehra Chowk

    Dussehra Chowk

    Dussehra Chowk is a huge courtyard inside the famous Golden Fort or Sonar Kila of Jaisalmer. It is known to be the perfect place to marvel at the architecture and craftsmanship of the palace.

    Dussehra Chowk can be reached through Hawa pol, the last of the ...

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