Food in Jaisalmer

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  • Dal baati choorma

    Dal baati choorma

    A typical Rajasthani preparation, dal baati choorma comprises dal (lentils cooked in Rajasthani spices), baati (round balls of hard unleavened bread) and choorma (a Rajasthani sweet dish). A must-try, dal baati choorma is best consumed by pouring dollops of clarified butter on top. ...

    Local Dish Vegetarian Must Try
  • Kadhi Pakora

    Kadhi Pakora

    Although kadhi pakoda is a popular dish in most North Indian households, the authentic Rajasthani kadhi stands a class apart. A delicious preparation made using fried chickpea dumplings cooked in slightly sour yoghurt gravy, this preparation can be savoured with rice as well as rotis. ...

    Local Dish Vegetarian Must Try
  • Ker sangri

    Ker sangri

    A favourite with the locals, ker sangri is a vegetable preparation, which is made using desert beans and capers typical to Rajasthan. Slow-cooked with various locally available spices and lots of chilli, ker sangri is best consumed with bajre ki roti. ...

    Local Dish Vegetarian Must Try
  • Gatte ki Sabzi

    Gatte ki Sabzi

    Yet another delectable preparation on Rajasthan’s platter, gatte ki sabzi is made of steamed gram flour dumplings, which are cooked in medium spicy yoghurt-based curry. ...

    Local Dish Vegetarian Must Try
  • Murgh-e-subz


    An extremely wholesome preparation, murgh-e-subz is made by cooking boneless strips of chicken with vegetables and local spices. ...

    Local Dish
  • Lal Maans

    Lal Maans

    A fiery mutton preparation, laal maans is made by cooking succulent pieces of red meat in a gravy of yoghurt, spices and lots of red chillies. If you are a non-vegetarian and wish to test your taste buds, this red hot preparation is a must-try! ...

    Local Dish Must Try
  • Safed Maans

    Safed Maans

    Safed maans is a delectable curry preparation that is made using boneless lamb, which is blanched and cooked in a white gravy comprising a paste of poppy seeds, almonds and cashewnuts. A rich meat preparation, safed maans is the perfect option for non-vegetarians who wish to indulge in mild, less-spicy ...

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