Dussehra Chowk in Jaisalmer

Dussehra Chowk Overview

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Dussehra Chowk is a huge courtyard inside the famous Golden Fort or Sonar Kila of Jaisalmer. It is known to be the perfect place to marvel at the architecture and craftsmanship of the palace.

Dussehra Chowk can be reached through Hawa pol, the last of the four gateways in the palace. The courtyard was especially used for Dussehra festivities during the Rajput reign in Jaisalmer. There is a marble throne here, which is where the king supposedly sat while watching the proceedings in the complex.

The charming views from the chowk make it a popular spot for tourists to lounge and admire the surrounding beauty.

  • Opening Closing Time Daily: 9 am to 6 pm

  • Entrance Fee Indians: Rs 20, Foreigners: Rs 70

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