Religious Jaipur

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  • Govind Dev Jee Temple

    Govind Dev Jee Temple

    Owing to its multitude temples, Jaipur is often called the ‘City of Temples.’ One of the oldest temples in Jaipur, Govind Dev Jee is devoted to Lord Krishna and is visited by millions daily. Located in the City Palace campus, this temple exhibits superb architecture. ...

  • Laxmi Narayan Temple

    Laxmi Narayan Temple

    The Laxmi Narayan Temple is more commonly referred to as the Birla Temple and it pays tribute to Lord Narayan in his various forms. The intricate carvings and the magnificent structure make the Birla Temple an artistic masterpiece. The special light effects at night, which augment the beauty of the ...

  • Moti Doongri Ganesh Temple

    Moti Doongri Ganesh Temple

    The first invitation from every family for any auspicious occasion goes to the Moti Doongri Ganesh Temple. The Ganesha idol is adorned in a new attire every day. In addition, the temple adorns beautiful stone carvings all over and the figures of deities are engraved in shining white marble. ...

  • Gangaur Festival

    Gangaur Festival

    One of the most popular festivals in the state of Rajasthan, this festival is ideally meant for the womenfolk who pray for an eternal life of their husbands. More popular for unmarried girls, during this festival, girls wish for a husband like Lord Shiva. Celebrated during the Chaitra period which ...

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  • Teej Festival

    Teej Festival

    Celebrated during the monsoon season in the month of July and August, Teej is eagerly awaited by women across Jaipur. Worshipping for the long life of their husbands, the festival is marked by many preparations like buying new clothes, applying mehendiI, singing songs and taking rides on swings. The local ...

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  • Monkey Temple

    Monkey Temple

    Monkey Temple is a part of a group of temples known as Galtaji. Galtaji is a cluster of temples and kunds (water tanks) located in the town of Khaniya-Balaji, near Jaipur. It is called the Monkey Temple because large tribes of monkeys have made it their home. One should carry ...

  • Shila Devi Temple

    Shila Devi Temple

    The temple was constructed by Raja Mansingh who brought the statue of Goddess Shila Devi from Jessore, Bangladesh in 1604. It is said that the Goddess herself came in his dreams and ordered him to recover her statue lying under sear near Jessore. The statue was recovered in the form ...

  • Surya Mandir

    Surya Mandir

    There are quite a few significant temples in Jaipur; Surya Mandir (Sun Temple) is one of them. Located somewhat far away from the main city, the temple is dedicated to the Sun God. Devotees, from far and wide, come to this temple to offer their prayers and revel in ...

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  • Hanuman Temple

    Hanuman Temple

    Nestles in the silent hills of the Aravallis, the Hanuman Temple is an old temple dedicated to Lord Hanumana. The temple is visited by devotees who offer their prayers to the deity of the temple. Surrounded by hills on all sides, the temple provides a sense of isolation to visitors. ...

  • Jain Mandir Sanganer

    Jain Mandir Sanganer

    Located about 16 kilometres from Jaipur, the Jain Mandir of Sanganer is dedicated to Lord Adinath (Rishabh Dev). Built in red sandstone, the temple is an artistic masterpiece along with being one of the holiest Jain temples in the country. The red sandstone carvings and the marble work are spicailly ...

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  • Govind Devji Temple

    Govind Devji Temple

    Govind Devji Temple is one of the oldest and one of the most sacred temples in Jaipur. Located in the City Palace complex, the temple is dedicated to Govind Devji who is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Krishna. The idol inside the temple is believed to look exactly ...

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