Street Market in Interlaken

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  • Höheweg


    This 700-metre long boulevard is the central place for any shopping extravaganza. Hop over to Höheweg near the west side of Interlaken’s railway station for wood-carved children's toys, army knives, cow bells, and the ever popular cuckoo clocks.

    The Swiss take pride in their workmanship, be it precision ...

    Street Market
  • Swiss Mountain Market

    Swiss Mountain Market

    To sample and purchase authentic Swiss produce from the local farmers, head to the Swiss Mountain Market. Take your pick from honey, butter, fruits, mountain cheese or Swiss handicrafts. You can also experience and participate in traditional alpine cheese making here. ...

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  • Swiss Chocolates

    Swiss Chocolates

    It would be blasphemous to come to Interlaken and not buy the world-famous Swiss chocolates. Look out for your favourite Lindt and Toblerone at the local supermarkets for cheaper deals instead of at the smaller souvenir shops. If you haven’t already, then try some mouthwatering Läderach chocolate from their store ...

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