Wilten Basilica in Innsbruck

This place gives you stunning views of the city of Innsbruck

This place gives you stunning views of the city of Innsbruck | Photo credit: Taxiarchos228/wikimedia

Wilten Basilica Overview

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The Wilten Basilica sits at the southern edge of the city of Innsbruck and is a great place to enjoy stunning views of the city of Innsbruck. Excavation and ruins under the Basilica suggest that another church, dating back to the early days of Christianity occupied the area.

The church has been built in the Baroque style, complete with Rokkoko-Stucco. The Basilica was famous for a painting of Mary which was worshipped by the Roman Legionnaires. By 1259 the church had become very popular and was proving to be too small for the large gathering which had begun to assemble there. Hence between 1751 and 1755 the church was demolished and constructed by a priest by the name of Franz de Paula Penz.

In the interior of the basilica one will find detailed murals depicting scenes from the life of the Virgin Mary and the sandstone statue depicting the Virgin Mary has been popular with pilgrim’s right from the Middle Ages.

  • Opening Closing Time The basilica is closed during holy mass.

  • Entrance Fee Entry is free

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