Transportation in Innsbruck

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  • Bus

    Buses are a good way to get around Innsbruck and regular bus services connect various parts of the city. There are also special bus tours which take tourists on special tours of Innsbruck stopping by most of the prominent tourist attractions of the city; though these buses charge a special fare.

  • On Foot

    One of the best ways to explore Innsbruck is on foot. Given the pleasant weather and stunning vistas, taking a walk around this city is an experience in itself. Streets in Innsbruck are pedestrian friendly; though don’t forget to wear comfortable walking shoes.

  • Tram

    Another good way to get around Innsbruck is by tram. All public transport in Innsbruck is operated by Verkehrsverbund Tirol which means that one ticket is valid on all forms of public transport, including buses, trams and trains. Trams are very well connected to almost all parts of Innsbruck.

  • S-bahn

    Innsbruck’s suburban train system is known as S-bahn and connects the city to nearby villages and smaller towns. This is a great way to explore smaller and lesser known places around Innsbruck.

  • Bicycles

    If you enjoy bicycling then there’s no better way to get around Innsbruck. Discover the city at your own relaxed pace taking breaks wherever you please. Cycles are easily available for rent and the streets of Innsbruck are well maintained and cyclist friendly.