Restaurants in Innsbruck

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  • Chez Nico

    Chez Nico

    One of the most popular restaurants in Innsbruck, Chez Nico is a vegetarian/vegan restaurant which serves some delicious vegetarian and vegan delicacies such as apricot goulash and porcini-sage ravioli. Set in a cosy environment, this is a great place to enjoy a relaxed meal with a loved one. ...

    Vegetarian Restaurant Local Restaurant
  • Café Centra

    Café Centra

    Enjoy a cup of coffee and slice of cake in this old school café which has been in business since 1889. Don’t miss live piano music on Sunday evenings. ...

    Local Restaurant
  • Café Katzung

    Café Katzung

    Boasting of an excellent selection of coffees and desserts. The outdoor terrace is a great place to relax after a long day of sightseeing. ...

    Local Restaurant
  • Sweet Basil

    Sweet Basil

    Sweet Basil is regarded as one of the best Italian restaurants outside of Italy and serves delicious ravioli. With a comfortable ambience and efficient service, Sweet Basil is definitely a must visit if you’re craving a great Italian meal. ...

    International Cuisine
  • Papa Joe’s

    Papa Joe’s

    Tired of eating European food? In that case head to Papa Joe’s for some authentic and delicious Mexican cuisine. Dig into some delicious steak and jambalaya and feel yourself being transported to sunny Mexico. ...

    International Cuisine
  • Lotos


    If you’re craving some good Chinese food then head to Lotos where you will be spoilt for choice with their delicious noodles, and chopsueys. Don’t forget to try the Verrücktes Huhn (crazy chicken). ...

    International Cuisine
  • Ottorburg


    A traditional Austrian restaurant situated in a 12th century castle, Ottorburg dishes up some delicious traditional Austrian fare such as cottage cheese dumplings, rack of lamb with herbs and chocolate mousse with fresh strawberries. ...

    Local Restaurant