Monuments in Innsbruck

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  • Triumphal Arch

    Triumphal Arch

    Also known as the Triumphforte, the Triumphal Arch is one of the most popular tourist attractions not only in Innsbruck, but also in Vienna. The Triumphal Arch was commissioned by Empress Maria Theresa to commemorate the marriage of her son the Duke of Tuscany with Princess Maria Ludovica of Spain. ...

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  • City Tower

    City Tower

    The City Tower is an important historical landmark in the city of Innsbruck and was constructed between 1442 and 1450. Standing 51 meters tall, the City Tower was an observation point for soldiers who announced the time of the day. The guards also observed the city from the top of ...

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  • Ambras Castle

    Ambras Castle

    One of the most important tourist attractions in Innsbruck, the Ambras Castle is a Renaissance castle and palace built on the hills which surround the city of Innsbruck. The castle was taken over by Archduke Ferdinand II in 1564 when he became the king of Tyrol. Ferdinand converted the building ...

  • Golden Roof

    Golden Roof

    The Golden Roof, also known as the Goldenes Dachl in German is one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Innsbruck. Constructed by Archduke Friedrich IV during the early 15th century to mark his marriage to Bianca Maria Sforza, the Golden Roof was intended to be a residence for the ...

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  • Imperial Palace

    Imperial Palace

    The Imperial Palace in Innsbruck was initially the seat of power of the Tyrolean Sovereigns. The palace was constructed by Archduke Seigmund in 1460. Constructed in the Gothic style, the palace was later rebuilt in the Baroque style between 1754 and 1773 to the orders of Empress Maria Theresa.