Ambras Castle in Innsbruck

From fortress to palace

From fortress to palace

Ambras Castle Overview

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One of the most important tourist attractions in Innsbruck, the Ambras Castle is a Renaissance castle and palace built on the hills which surround the city of Innsbruck. The castle was taken over by Archduke Ferdinand II in 1564 when he became the king of Tyrol. Ferdinand converted the building from a fortress into a palace. Ferdinand lived in the Ambras Castle from 1563 to 1595 and is credited for the Spanische Saal (the Spanish Hall) and the 43 metres long banquet hall and portraits of Tyrolean nobles. Other than other other popular attractions of the castle are the armour and art collection, the palace gardens and the sunken bath tub.

  • Opening Closing Time 10 am to 5 pm

  • Entrance Fee EUR 10 (adults). Children can enter free.

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Street Sclossstrasse 20, Innsbruck