Transportation in Imphal

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  • Taxi

    Cabs run regularly in Imphal but they are not metered (kilometre-wise). Cab fare would depend on the distance covered and also at what time of the day do you hire one. If you are travelling during night, taxi is the most reliable option but it will be slightly expensive than what is generally charged during the day.

  • On foot

    Most of the attractions in Imphal are closely located with each other, hence, you many consider walking as one of the options to discover the city.

  • Auto-rickshaw

    Autos are widely operated and the main form of transport that locals often use in Imphal. While the auto-rickshaws do not have any fixed charge as they refuse to run by meter, you can easily bargain with the auto drivers before getting in an auto. Ideally, the auto should not charge more than Rs. 70, however, at night charges can differ.

  • Tata Magic

    A relatively new concept in Imphal, these are small vans (popularly known by the name of TATA magic in Imphal) that run on shared basis. These taxis run on fixed routes within the city and are quite similar to shared-autos. Although they are expensive but at the same time, these vans can be a comfortable option to explore the city, especially if you are travelling in a small groups.