Things to Do in Imphal

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  • Ningol Chakouba

    Ningol Chakouba

    One of the most famous festivals in Imphal, it is grandly celebrated by the locals (also known as Meiteis). The festival aims to bring families together where you can sit and dine with your near and dear ones. Going by the Manipuri calendar, this festival is observed in the month ...

  • Rath Jatra

    Rath Jatra

    Colourful processions of the great Lord Jaganath are taken out on the street in a ‘Rath’. Many devotees pull this chariot (Rath) and consider this as an auspicious beginning for the current year. Chants and prayers are echoed in the Lord’s name. This 10-day long festival has a huge significance ...

  • Yaoshang


    A 5-day long festival, it occurs in the Phagun month (between February and March) from the full-moon night. People collect funds during this festival from several houses on the street that can be later spent on organising a large function including food, activities and other related arrangements. Apart from the ...

  • Cheiraoba


    Also known as Manipuri New Year, this festival welcomes New Year in every household in the month of April. People begin cleaning, decorating and cooking local delicacies which are offered to the deities. Some of the locals believe that if they climb any nearby hill during this time, they are ...

  • Sekta Archaelogical Living Museum

    Sekta Archaelogical Living Museum

    One of the prominent attractions in Imphal, Sekta Archaeological Living Museum draws attention of archaeologists, historians and tourists from different corners of the state and beyond. The land on which the museum stands at present was previously an excavated site, jointly unearthed by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and the ...

  • Imphal War Cemetery

    Imphal War Cemetery

    The Imphal War Cemetery is a poignant site in the Deulahland district of Imphal. It is the resting ground of the brave soldiers who lost their lives in the battle against Japanese forces during World War II. Maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commissions (CWGC), this cemetery commemorates British and ...

  • Leimapokpam Keirungba Temple

    Leimapokpam Keirungba Temple

    A popular site of religious importance, Leimapokpam Keirungba Temple is located within the premises of Manipur State Road Transport Corporation, which is not currently in use. Built in the year 1875, this temple has a square cubical (brick-made) structure. The architecture of Leimapokpam Keirungba Temple is quite impressive.

  • Sekta


    Sekta, also called Sekta Kei or Sekta Mound, is an excavated site in its namesake village. This archaeological site, situated on the left bank of the Iril River, is approximately 18 kilometres away from Imphal.

    Believed to be a burial site, the excavated area of 0.35 acre provides ...

  • Shri Govindjee Temple

    Shri Govindjee Temple

    Shri Govindjee Temple is a prominent place of worship for the Vaishnavite cult in Imphal. Built by King Churachand, this temple complex features a beautifully manicured vatica (garden), a lake and open space with lofty trees. It is believed that the idol of the presiding deity, Lord Shri Govindjee was ...

  • Lord Krishna Temple

    Lord Krishna Temple

    Lord Krishna Temple is a highly revered site, located on the banks of the Imphal River, in Brahmpur Guru Aribam Leikai. Dedicated to Lord Krishna, this shrine features beautiful idols of the Lord, depicting various stages of His life since childhood. King Charairongba was the benefactor of this religious site, ...

  • Red Hill Lokpaching

    Red Hill Lokpaching

    Red Hill Lokpaching, located on Tiddim Road, is a place of great historical significance. It is the site where British and Japanese armies fought an ill-fated battle during World War II. The battle began on 20th May, 1944 and continued for nine days.

    It was the Battle of ...

  • Loktak Lake

    Loktak Lake

    Loktak Lake is the largest freshwater lake in the northeast region of India. The name Loktak is derived from two words - 'Lok' meaning stream and 'Tak' meaning end. With many small and big islands floating on the surface, it is considered to be the only floating lake in the ...

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  • Keibul Lam Jao National Park

    Keibul Lam Jao National Park

    One of the islands near the Loktak Lake area has been transformed into the Keibul Lam Jao National Park. This park serves as home to the last natural refuge of the Manipuri Brow-Antlered Deer (Cervus eldi eldi) or Sangai.

    A subspecies of Eld's deer, Sangai is considered endangered ...

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  • Khonghampat Orchidarium

    Khonghampat Orchidarium

    Khonghampat Orchidarium is an exquisite orchid garden located in Imphal. Maintained by the state's Forest Department, this beautiful garden is not just visited but even revisited by tourists every year. The garden is graced with over 120 varieties of orchids and appears like a grand mural of blooming flora.

  • Matai Garden

    Matai Garden

    The Matai Garden is a fascinating stretch of greenery that is listed among popular tourist attractions of Imphal. Located at Matai, this garden is about 5 kilometres away from NH 39 and approximately 9 kilometres from the city of Imphal. It is often called as the Ibudhou Asheiningthou Garden - ...

  • Manipur Zoological Gardens

    Manipur Zoological Gardens

    Described as the Jewel Box of the state, Manipur Zoological Garden is home to about 400 common and rare species of animals and birds. It was established on 2nd October, 1976 and since then it has given shelter to endangered species, many of which are included in the Wildlife Protection ...

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  • Loukoi Pat Lake

    Loukoi Pat Lake

    Loukoi Pat Lake is a small yet picturesque water body, located close to Tiddim Road on NH 150 at Bishnupur, near Imphal. Listed among prominent tourist attractions in Manipur, this site boasts of splendid vistas.

    The turquoise lake makes for an ideal tourist site, where visitors not only ...

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  • Kaina Hillock

    Kaina Hillock

    Kaina Hillock is a small, beautiful hill located on the Imphal-Yariripok Road, about 29 kilometres away from the city of Imphal. Considered to be a sacred place for Hindus, this site earned popularity due to its association with Hindu mythology.

    It is believed that once Lord Govinda appeared ...

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  • Shaheed Minar

    Shaheed Minar

    Shaheed Minar, an imposing structure in the heart of the city, epitomises the invincible patriotic spirit of Manipuris who sacrificed their lives in the Anglo-Manipuri War of 1891. Also known as the Martyr’s Memorial, this towering minar is located at the northern end of the Bir Tikendrajit Park and symbolises ...

  • Samban Lei Sekpil Garden

    Samban Lei Sekpil Garden

    The Samban-Lei Sekpil Garden is one of Manipur's star attractions, located just a few kilometres away from Imphal. Boasting of the tallest topiary in the world, measuring around 61 feet in height; it has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records (1999), Limca Book of Records (1992) and ...

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  • Bir Tirkendrajit Park

    Bir Tirkendrajit Park

    Bir Tirkendrajit Park, set in proximity to the Polo Ground, is one of the popular attractions of Imphal. It is a vast stretch of gardened area, wherein you will find vivid coloured plants carved into beautiful topiaries.

    Amidst greenery, there are cemented walkways and beautiful fountains that have ...

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  • Imphal Valley

    Imphal Valley

    Imphal Valley is a marvellous oval shaped canyon formed as a result of drainage of many small rivers that origin from neighbouring hills. The water in the valley is fetched from several rivers, such as River Imphal, Iril, Thoubal, Khuga and Sekmai.

    This valley spans over an area ...

  • RKCS Art Gallery

    RKCS Art Gallery

    RKCS Art Gallery is among those few notable places in Imphal, where you get to witness different facets of the state of Manipur through beautiful paintings. Founded in 1990 by the legendary artist Rajkumar Chandrajitsana Singh (RKCS), it has been operating as a full-fledged gallery since 2003.

    RKCS ...

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  • Manipur State Museum

    Manipur State Museum

    Located in the heart of the city, near Polo Ground, the Manipur State Museum is considered as the most prominent museum of the state. Inaugurated on 23rd September 1969 by the then Prime Minister of India - Indira Gandhi, this museum is a prominent tourist attraction. It comprises various galleries ...

  • Kangla Fort

    Kangla Fort

    Situated close to the banks of the Imphal River, the Kangla Fort or Kangla Palace is a symbol of Manipur's glory. The word ‘Kangla’ means dry land in Manipuri or Meetei language. Kangla was the ancient capital of Manipur and a number of Meetei monarchs have ruled the destination from ...

  • ISKCON Imphal Sri Sri Radha Krishnacandra Temple

    ISKCON Imphal Sri Sri Radha Krishnacandra Temple

    The ISKCON Imphal Sri Sri Radha Krishna Chandra Temple, situated close to the banks of the Imphal River, is dedicated to the Hindu Lord Krishna. Featuring a unique architecture, the structure of this temple is made using bricks that are coated with white cement. This gives an impression that the ...