Natural Attractions in Imphal

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  • Keibul Lam Jao National Park

    Keibul Lam Jao National Park

    One of the islands near the Loktak Lake area has been transformed into the Keibul Lam Jao National Park. This park serves as home to the last natural refuge of the Manipuri Brow-Antlered Deer (Cervus eldi eldi) or Sangai.

    A subspecies of Eld's deer, Sangai is considered endangered ...

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  • Kaina Hillock

    Kaina Hillock

    Kaina Hillock is a small, beautiful hill located on the Imphal-Yariripok Road, about 29 kilometres away from the city of Imphal. Considered to be a sacred place for Hindus, this site earned popularity due to its association with Hindu mythology.

    It is believed that once Lord Govinda appeared ...

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  • Imphal Valley

    Imphal Valley

    Imphal Valley is a marvellous oval shaped canyon formed as a result of drainage of many small rivers that origin from neighbouring hills. The water in the valley is fetched from several rivers, such as River Imphal, Iril, Thoubal, Khuga and Sekmai.

    This valley spans over an area ...