Leimapokpam Keirungba Temple in Imphal

Leimapokpam Keirungba Temple Overview

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A popular site of religious importance, Leimapokpam Keirungba Temple is located within the premises of Manipur State Road Transport Corporation, which is not currently in use. Built in the year 1875, this temple has a square cubical (brick-made) structure. The architecture of Leimapokpam Keirungba Temple is quite impressive.

The fa├žade, which is graced with intricate carvings and a three-pillar supported semi-circular arch, is in itself a marvelous sight to behold. Inside the temple, you will find a square shaped Garbha Griha that is provided with three doors. The temple is dedicated to a local deity of Manipur and owing to its sanctity, many devotees from regions near and far come to offer prayers.

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Manipur State Road Transport Corporation, Indo-Myanmar Road, Ngangbam Colony, Sanakhwa Yaima Kollup, Imphal, 795001, Manipur