Landmarks in Imphal

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  • Imphal War Cemetery

    Imphal War Cemetery

    The Imphal War Cemetery is a poignant site in the Deulahland district of Imphal. It is the resting ground of the brave soldiers who lost their lives in the battle against Japanese forces during World War II. Maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commissions (CWGC), this cemetery commemorates British and ...

  • Red Hill Lokpaching

    Red Hill Lokpaching

    Red Hill Lokpaching, located on Tiddim Road, is a place of great historical significance. It is the site where British and Japanese armies fought an ill-fated battle during World War II. The battle began on 20th May, 1944 and continued for nine days.

    It was the Battle of ...

  • Shaheed Minar

    Shaheed Minar

    Shaheed Minar, an imposing structure in the heart of the city, epitomises the invincible patriotic spirit of Manipuris who sacrificed their lives in the Anglo-Manipuri War of 1891. Also known as the Martyr’s Memorial, this towering minar is located at the northern end of the Bir Tikendrajit Park and symbolises ...

  • Samban Lei Sekpil Garden

    Samban Lei Sekpil Garden

    The Samban-Lei Sekpil Garden is one of Manipur's star attractions, located just a few kilometres away from Imphal. Boasting of the tallest topiary in the world, measuring around 61 feet in height; it has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records (1999), Limca Book of Records (1992) and ...

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