Kaina Hillock in Imphal

Kaina Hillock Overview

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Kaina Hillock is a small, beautiful hill located on the Imphal-Yariripok Road, about 29 kilometres away from the city of Imphal. Considered to be a sacred place for Hindus, this site earned popularity due to its association with Hindu mythology.

It is believed that once Lord Govinda appeared in the dream of His devotee Bheigyachandra, who was the Maharaja of Manipur. The Maharaja was asked to build a temple that would enshrine the image of Lord Govinda. Interestingly, the image was supposed to be carved out of a jackfruit tree that was growing at Kaina. Based on this dream, regular ceremonial dance performances are organised here, along with Ras Garba, for the entertainment of visitors.

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Kaina, 795130, Manipur