Ima Keithel Women s Market in Imphal

Ima Keithel Women s Market Overview

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Ima Keithel Women's Market, also known as Khwairamnand Bazaar, is a popular shopping venue in Imphal. Run by over 3000 women shopkeepers, this marketplace reflects the true spirit of femininity. Interestingly, even the nomenclature of the market signifies its association with woman, wherein 'Ima' means mother and 'Keithel' means market. Women belonging to any community or religion can set up a shop here – illustrating empowerment of women in this part of the country.

The market is segregated into two sections - one that sells fruits, vegetables and other grocery items, and the other that offers beautiful handloom merchandise and household tools. You are ought to find almost everything in this bazaar - ranging from food items and local herbs to woollens and traditional costumes. When you visit Ima Keithel, a peculiar smell and cacophony of shoppers as well as shopkeepers will immediately enliven your senses and leave you absorbed. This one-of-a-kind market in the world is sure to offer a unique shopping experience to you.

Don't Forget to Buy

  • Local Herbs
  • Indigenous Handloom Merchandise
  • Traditional Costumes
  • Woollen Wear
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Thangal Bazaar, Imphal, 795001, Manipur