Imphal FAQs

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Area geography

Situated in the eastern part of India, Imphal has a total area of 30 square kilometres. It lies in the Manipur River Valley and is surrounded by green vegetation and hilly terrains. The region has a sub-tropical humid climate where winters are dry and monsoons are accompanied by humidity.

Notes currencies cards

Indian Rupee

Cellular service for tourists

Major mobile operators provide excellent cellular services in Imphal. However, you can buy a local pre-paid SIM card to avoid high roaming charges from the any one of the mobile shops in Imphal.

Wifi internet

Internet is available in most hotels in Imphal. Apart from that, some restaurants also provide with free WiFi access.

Drinking laws

Drinking alcohol is illegal and hence it is prohibited in the entire state of Manipur.


Tipping is often welcome in India by most of the waiters and clerks. While food and beverage outlets add a service charge in the final bill, so tipping is not necessary. However, small tips for good service are always appreciated.


Imphal is a safe tourist destination. However, a wise traveller is always cautious of his/her surroundings while exploring the city to avoid petty thefts like pickpocketing.

General information

Languages spoken

Manipuri (Meitei), English and Hindi

Time zones

GMT + 05.30 hours

Major religions

Hinduism, Maibaism and Christianity

Domestic international calling codes

+91 385

Electricity standards

The standard voltage in India is around 220 volts and typically a two or three pin plug is used by everyone.

Common greetings

Hello: Khurumjari

Good Morning: Khurumjari

Good Evening: Khurumjari

Goodbye: Amuk Chatlukhige

Thank you: Nungaijarey

Sorry: Lanjarey

Do you speak English: Ngang English ngangba heibra?

I do not understand: Ei masi gyan tadre or Ei masi gyan tadey da

No: Natte

Yes: Hoi or Ou or Mane

I don’t know: Ei Khangde

How are you? : Karam tourigey?

What is your name?: Ngangi naming kari kougey / Ngangi ming kari Koueiii

My name is….. : Eigi ming ……. Koueii

Where is the washroom? : Washroom Kadaida leigey?

Is this vegetarian? (point to a dish in a menu card): Masi vegetarian ra?

Where is this? (point to a monument, amenity on a paper/map): Masi kadaida no / Masi kadaiwaida no?

How much does this cost? : Mamall kya pige or paisa kya pige??

Too expensive! : Yamna Tangnei

A little cheaper : Khara Hongba


Emergency numbers

Police: 100, 2230112
Fire: 101
Ambulance: 102
Imphal Hospitals and Research Centre: 2410333
Joint Control Room - 246244
Police Headquarters: 2445120
Tourism Information Centre: 224603, 220802, 221131