Imphal Culture

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  • Ningol Chakouba

    Ningol Chakouba

    One of the most famous festivals in Imphal, it is grandly celebrated by the locals (also known as Meiteis). The festival aims to bring families together where you can sit and dine with your near and dear ones. Going by the Manipuri calendar, this festival is observed in the month ...

  • Rath Jatra

    Rath Jatra

    Colourful processions of the great Lord Jaganath are taken out on the street in a ‘Rath’. Many devotees pull this chariot (Rath) and consider this as an auspicious beginning for the current year. Chants and prayers are echoed in the Lord’s name. This 10-day long festival has a huge significance ...

  • Yaoshang


    A 5-day long festival, it occurs in the Phagun month (between February and March) from the full-moon night. People collect funds during this festival from several houses on the street that can be later spent on organising a large function including food, activities and other related arrangements. Apart from the ...

  • Cheiraoba


    Also known as Manipuri New Year, this festival welcomes New Year in every household in the month of April. People begin cleaning, decorating and cooking local delicacies which are offered to the deities. Some of the locals believe that if they climb any nearby hill during this time, they are ...

  • RKCS Art Gallery

    RKCS Art Gallery

    RKCS Art Gallery is among those few notable places in Imphal, where you get to witness different facets of the state of Manipur through beautiful paintings. Founded in 1990 by the legendary artist Rajkumar Chandrajitsana Singh (RKCS), it has been operating as a full-fledged gallery since 2003.

    RKCS ...

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