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A local market by the name of Ima Keithel situated at the famous Khwairamband bazaar is by far the only market (world-wise) where every single shop is run by a woman.


Best Time to Visit Imphal

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Although Imphal is a year-round destination, the time period between September and April can be considered as the best time to visit this place. Here’s a monthly breakup of Imphal’s climatic conditions so you can plan when to go:

October to February:
While November marks the onset of winter season in Imphal, October also boasts of a pleasant climate with clear skies. During winters, the weather apart from being cold also turns foggy. Sightseeing during the day and other tourist activities can be easily enjoyed during the daytime as the winter sun is quiet comforting. Sometimes, in the month of January, there is no sunshine on certain days and the temperature can drop down to zero degree Celsius.

March to May:
While the weather in March is quite pleasant, summer season starts from the month of April. The temperature can vary from 35 degree Celsius and can drop till 17 degree Celsius. Summers are not that hot in Imphal and hence sightseeing and other tourist activities can easily be done during day time. During summers, days are generally warm and evenings are cool.

June to September:
These months constitute the monsoon season in Imphal. June is the rainiest month in Imphal accompanied by consistent rain showers throughout the day. The temperature is slightly cooler and pleasant. Sightseeing is usually not recommended during this time. However, if you like rains, observe the lush green environs of Imphal as the surroundings look breathtakingly beautiful.