Religious Hyderabad

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  • Sikhareswar Swamy Temple

    Sikhareswar Swamy Temple

    Located atop Nallamalai Hills in Srisailam, Sikareswar Swamy Temple is a site of great religious importance. Being at the topmost spot of Srisailam, the temple offers undisturbed and stunning views of the landscape. The natural backdrop of the temple is characterised by the Krishna River basin and surrounding forests.

  • Mecca Masjid

    Mecca Masjid

    One of the iconic landmarks that attract both tourists and pilgrims from all over India is the Mecca Masjid. The name as well as the design of this holy site has been derived from the mosque in Mecca. Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah - the fifth ruler of Qutub Shahi dynasty, ...

    Religious Landmark
  • Toli Masjid

    Toli Masjid

    The Toli Masjid is one of the significant mosques in Hyderabad. The architect who designed this mosque was paid in 'Damri'- a currency used during the Mughal era. Owing to this fact, this mosque is often called as the Damri Masjid. Constructed in 1671 by Mir Musa Khan Mahaldar, during ...

    Religious Landmark
  • Sanghi Temple

    Sanghi Temple

    Built in 1991, the Sanghi Temple is located around 25 kilometres away from Hyderabad in Sanghi Nagar. Perched atop Paramanand Giri, a small hillock, this shrine features a 9.6 feet tall idol of Lord Venkateshwara - the presiding deity. Flaunting the Chola-Chalukya style of architecture, this temple complex has a ...

  • Shyam Mandir

    Shyam Mandir

    Established in the year 1992, Shyam Mandir is a place that exudes palpable spiritual energy and is a must-visit place for Lord Krishna devotees as well as tourists. Dedicated to Lord Sri Shyam Baba, the temple is a symbol of solemnity and sacredness.

    This highly revered site is ...

  • Moula Ali Dargah

    Moula Ali Dargah

    Situated atop Moula Ali Hill, Moula Ali Dargah is a famous place of religious importance. This dargah was built in the memory of Hazrat Ali- the son-in-law of Prophet Muhammed. Established during the reign of Asaf Jahi, this mosque is identified as one of the 11 heritage sites by the ...

  • St Joseph's Cathedral

    St Joseph's Cathedral

    St Joseph’s Cathedral of the Archdiocese of Hyderabad is one of the most beautiful Roman Catholic churches in the city. Although the church was established in the year 1820, the construction of the cathedral's present structure began in 1869, by Father Antonio Tagliabue. After purchasing a plot in Gun Foundry ...

    Religious Landmark
  • Begumpet Mosque

    Begumpet Mosque

    One of the most iconic structures in Hyderabad, the Begumpet Mosque boasts of an impressive facade and awe-inspiring interiors. More than 100 years old, this mosque is known by different names - Mosque of the Moors, Masjid Iqbal Ud Daula, Aiwan-E-Begumpet and Spanish Mosque.

    Nawab Sir Iqbal-ud-Daula built ...