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Best Time to Visit Hyderabad

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Hyderabad has a warmer climate and hence cooler months, i.e. October to March are considered ideal to visit the city. Here’s a monthly breakup of Hyderabad’s climatic conditions so you can plan when to go:

October to February: While the climate is quite pleasant in the month of October, you may find some of the days cloudy. The winter season in Hyderabad begins from the month of November and continues till February. The average temperature during this time period ranges from 29 to 14 degree Celsius. This time is generally considered ideal for monuments visits, city tours and other tourists’ activities. It is indeed a beautiful sight to watch the minars at early morning hours during the winter season.

March to May: These months constitute the summer season in Hyderabad with April and May being the hottest months of the year. City tours during afternoon can be very exhausting and make sure you carry sufficient water to prevent dehydration. The temperature during this time can soar up till 45 degree Celsius on some days.

June to September: Packed with heavy rains and strong winds, these months constitute the monsoon season in Hyderabad. Due to rains, the humidity level in the city rises, a reason why this is also the off-season for travelling to Hyderabad. The temperature can vary from 27 to 24 degree Celsius. However, evenings are pleasant with cool breezes and rain-lovers can have a great time spending in the city.