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Hua Hin is said to be the oldest beach town resort in Thailand.


Best Time to Visit Hua Hin

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The climate in Hua Hin is tropical with high humidity, especially during the summer months of March, April and May. For rest of the year, the weather remains fairly pleasant with occasional bouts of rainfall especially in August and September. The best time to visit Hua Hin is between November and February, which is also the peak tourist season. Here’s a monthly break up so you can plan your trip better:

November to February: This is generally considered as the best time to visit Hua Hin because the weather is pleasant and you are most likely to be blessed with dry, sunny days. December and January see the maximum influx of tourists so book your tickets and hotels in advance to avoid the soaring prices. No matter what the temperature is, you must always carry a bottle of sunscreen if you are going to lounge on the beach. March to May: The months of March, April and May are the hottest time of the year. Outdoor activities can be a little uncomfortable under the strong sun, but this hardly affects tourists who come to Thailand all through the year. If you plan to go at this time, don’t forget to carry your sunglasses and a hat. June to October: June, July, August and September experience light to heavy rainfall. Many tourists avoid travelling to Hua Hin at this time so if you don’t mind the rains, this is a good time to find good deals on flights and hotels. Pack a sturdy pair of shoes to beat the puddles.