Things to Do in Hong Kong

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  • Victoria Harbour

    Victoria Harbour

    The lively Victoria Harbour is considered to be Hong Kong’s lifeline and with its countless container vessels and striking coastline it presents a spectacular view. This natural harbour situated between Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula is the site of annual firework displays and its promenades are popular gathering ...

  • Peak Tower

    Peak Tower

    If there is one place that you cannot miss on your trip to Hong Kong, it is the Peak Tower. Perched at a height of 396 metres above sea level, it is one of the most chic architectural icons in Hong Kong. With a futuristic design representing the quintessence of ...

    Landmark Monument
  • Madame Tussaud’s Hong Kong

    Madame Tussaud’s Hong Kong

    Get up close and personal with A-list celebrities, sporting legends, political heavyweights and historical icons reliving the times, events and moments that made the world talk about them. The world-renowned wax museum, better known for its life-like wax portraits offers its visitors a fun and interactive celebrity experience. End your ...

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  • Aberdeen Fishing Village

    Aberdeen Fishing Village

    This is your chance to experience how to ride or stay in a sampan boat as the local fishermen did for the longest time. The ancient fishing port continues to preserve its ancient lifestyle and remains a scenic highlight of your Hong Kong tour.

    This quaint ...

  • Sky 100 Hong Kong Observation Deck

    Sky 100 Hong Kong Observation Deck

    A 60 second hi-speed lift gets you to the 100th floor of Hong Kong’s tallest building- Sky 100 Observation Deck. Enjoy awe-inspiring 360-degree views of Kowloon and Victoria Harbour and explore the state-of-the-art interactive exhibition with a multimedia tour of Hong Kong’s history and culture.

    The ...

  • Avenue of the Stars

    Avenue of the Stars

    Akin to Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, Avenue of Stars situated along the Victoria Harbour, celebrates stars of the Hong Kong film industry. As you take a leisurely walk along the waterfront, don’t miss out on hand imprints of famous movie personalities including Jackie Chan and Kung Fu star, Bruce Lee. ...

  • Disneyland


    One of the most prominent tourist spots in Lantau, Disneyland promises a day of fun and adventure for all age groups. Embark on a magical experience into the legendary fairy tale kingdom that celebrates the spirit of fantasy, the world of tomorrow and a forever-young sense of adventure.

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  • Ocean Park

    Ocean Park

    This family friendly marine theme park features animal exhibits, exciting rides and shows that offer its guests an unforgettable experience. Explore the North and South Pole in a day, interact with King Penguins, visit Aqua City - a Grand Aquarium with three levels of viewing galleries and enjoy a scrumptious ...

    Theme Park For Kids
  • Repulse Bay

    Repulse Bay

    With its wide, wave-lapped beach and azure clear waters, Repulse Bay is the perfect place for that early morning stroll, daytime sun bathing, or a lingering walk at sunset. Enjoy a lazy day in a resort-like atmosphere at one of the most beautiful beaches of Hong Kong. ...

  • Victoria Peak

    Victoria Peak

    As you take a leisurely walk to the summit of Victoria Peak, you will see the spellbinding cityscapes and rugged countryside come together to form a masterpiece. The spectacular backdrop of the Hong Kong Island's will fire your imagination as darkness falls and a dazzling neon cityscape emerges with cruises ...

  • Tsim Sha Tsui (TST)

    Tsim Sha Tsui (TST)

    This giant world bazaar located in the south of Kowloon Peninsula boasts of international brand names, Asian boutiques and countless dining and entertainment options. Whether you are a shopaholic, a food lover or someone looking for a cultural experience, TST is the ideal place to be in. ...

  • Man Mo Temple

    Man Mo Temple

    Hong Kong’s oldest and most important temple is dedicated to two principle deities - God of Literature and God of War. One particularly memorable sight here is that of the huge incense coils hanging from the ceiling, imparting a fragrant, smoky haze; these are lit by people seeking fulfilment of ...

  • Wong Tai Sin

    Wong Tai Sin

    Dedicated to three different religions - Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism - Wong Tai Sin is one of the largest and most popular temples in Hong Kong. With its red pillars, golden roof and multi-coloured carvings, the temple is popular amongst those wanting to know what the future holds!

  • Clock Tower

    Clock Tower

    Standing at a height of 44 metres, this distinctive red brick and granite tower is a graceful reminder of the Age of Steam and is also known as the Canton Railway Clock Tower. Erected in 1915 as a part of the Kowloon-Canton Railway terminus, it is a declared monument and ...

    Landmark Monument
  • Lion's Pavilion At The Peak

    Lion's Pavilion At The Peak

    Lion’s Pavilion is situated at a walking distance from Peak Galleria Shopping Centre. You can enjoy charming views of Hong Kong Island from this lookout point at The Peak. However, be prepared to face crowds as this vantage point is quite touristy and often frequented by tourists visiting Hong Kong. ...

  • The Centre

    The Centre

    With a height of 346 metres, The Centre is the fifth talent building in Hong Kong. The skyscraper is made from steel and is a must see for its architecture. There are neon light bars on the building which increase in number as the height of the tower increases. This ...

  • Cheung Chau Island

    Cheung Chau Island

    Cheung Chau is a small dumbbell shaped island located 10 kilometres southwest of Hong Kong. It is particularly famous for its temples, beaches and seafood specialty restaurants. In fact, the island has an entire street dedicated to seafood restaurants. Taking a stroll along the coastline or simply lounging on one ...

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  • Hong Kong Museum of History

    Hong Kong Museum of History

    Among the top attractions in Hong Kong, the Museum of History gives you great insights into the natural history, local history, archaeology and ethnography of the region. The eight galleries in the museum have on display various items depicting the older life and times. Some of them are traditional Chinese ...

  • Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum

    Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum

    The museum was inaugurated to commemorate the revolutionary Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s 140th birthday. Situated in Kom Tong Hall, the museum highlights all major events from the life of the Chinese statesman. His accomplishments and connections with the history of Hong Kong have been depicted through various historical photographs, artefacts and ...

  • Tsing Ma Bridge

    Tsing Ma Bridge

    With a height of 206 metres, Tsing Ma Bridge spans upto 2.16 kilometres. The imposing structure is one of the most prominent landmarks of Hong Kong and links it to Lantau Island. The Bridge is a marvel of engineering and architecture and also offers various photo opportunities. The views of ...

  • Hong Kong Science Museum

    Hong Kong Science Museum

    Get set for wonderful surprises as you visit Hong Kong Science Museum. The interactive displays at the museum are informative and entertaining at the same time, making it a great place to be for kids and elders alike. In addition to this, there are many other exhibits spread across four ...

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  • Heritage Museum

    Heritage Museum

    The Hong Kong Heritage Museum has no less than 12 galleries which have many amazing collecitons on display. The exhibitions do a really good job of revealing many important facts about the history, culture and arts of Hong Kong and other regions of South China. Don’t miss the Chinese paintings ...

  • Stanley, Hong Kong

    Stanley, Hong Kong

    Stanley is a small Chinese town which boasts of beaches, hills and coves. The relaxed atmosphere of the place makes it a must-visit on your trip to Hong Kong. The points of interest here are Stanley market (for souvenirs and trinket shopping), Stanley Main Street (for its bars and restaurants) ...

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  • Lamma Island

    Lamma Island

    Located 3 kilometres off the south west coast of Hong Kong Island, Lamma Island boasts of untouched beauty and is a popular getaway option for both tourists as well as locals. The beaches here are offbeat too and are the ideal place to relax and unwind. The slow pace of ...

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  • Lantau Island

    Lantau Island

    Lantau Island is the largest island in Hong Kong and is packed with a lot of attractions for tourists. To begin with, the Island is home to Disneyland – a one-stop entertainment park for people of all ages. If a more relaxed vacation is what you are looking for, Lantau ...

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  • Tai O

    Tai O

    A small fishing town close to Lantau Island, Tai O is home to the Tanka fishermen community. The small island is synonymous with the stilt houses which are interconnected to each other. In a way, it is the line of the stilt houses that forms Tai O. It is a ...

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  • Snoopy World

    Snoopy World

    Snoopy World is a theme park located in New Town Plaza shopping mall in Hong Kong. It was opened in 2000 and though, not as big as Disneyland or Ocean Park, it is home to many exciting attractions for kids. Lovers of Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the Peanuts are sure ...

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  • SoHo District

    SoHo District

    The south side of Hollywood Road in Hong Kong is fondly referred to as SoHo. With something to offer for everyone, SoHo is the entertainment hub in the city. No matter what time of the day or night you happen to visit SoHo, it will welcome you with an atmosphere ...

  • Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank HSBC

    Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank HSBC

    Located at 1 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank HSBC is commonly referred to as 1QRC. The impressive architectural style of the HSBC building is what draws many tourists to it. Based on Feng Shui principles, the building has a waterfront. The two bronze lions outside the building ...

  • Hong Kong Museum of Art

    Hong Kong Museum of Art

    The Hong Kong Heritage Museum of Art has more than 15000 artworks on varies subjects on display. These include Chinese antiques, calligraphy, artistic masterpieces by local artists and other paintings of great historical significance. Apart from this, one of the permanent exhibitions also features coins, jewellery and other important items ...

  • Hong Kong Railway Museum

    Hong Kong Railway Museum

    You can never fall short of places to visit while you are in Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Railway Museum is another unique attraction that you must cover. This open-air museum is located in the former Tai Po railway station and was built in 1913. However, it was given ...

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  • Bird Garden

    Bird Garden

    Bird Garden a great place to be for solace seekers and nature lovers. Designed like a traditional Chinese garden, it gives you an opportunity to listen to the beautiful songbirds. While you are here, you can witness the age-old Chinese tradition of elderly men feeding the songbirds in exchange for ...

    Parks and Gardens
  • Hong Kong Legislature

    Hong Kong Legislature

    Legislative Council (Legco) Building has a library and an art gallery which are open to the public. You will find some beautiful artworks by local artists on display here. The architectural style of the building has found it a place in the list of declared monuments in Hong Kong. The ...

    Monument Landmark
  • Che Kung Temple

    Che Kung Temple

    Che Kung is a Taoist temple complex built in the honour of Che Kung, a commander of the Southern Song dynasty. The main worship hall has a huge Che Kung statue along with a big drum and bell. The wheel of fortune here attracts many tourists and visitors alike to ...

  • Tin Hau Temple

    Tin Hau Temple

    This temple is dedicated to Tin Hau, the Goddess of the Sea. Fishermen and every other person whose destiny is linked to the sea worships Tin Hau and thus, most Chinese coastal areas have temples which are dedicated to the Goddess of the Sea. The temple has beautiful interiors and ...

  • Hong Kong Space Museum

    Hong Kong Space Museum

    Hong Kong Space Museum is located on the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront and over the years, the egg-shaped building of the museum has come to be known as an important landmark of Hong Kong. There is a lot to see and do inside the museum, especially for those interested in ...

  • Nan Lian Garden

    Nan Lian Garden

    Nan Lian Garden is a 3-hectre public park built in traditional Chinese style and is a must visit place for those seeking peace and tranquillity. The elaborate landscaping of the garden is a result of every rock, water body, plant, et al. placed according to some rules and regulations. Follow ...

    Parks and Gardens
  • Chi Lin Nunnery

    Chi Lin Nunnery

    Chi Lin Nunnery is beautifully maintained Buddhist monastic complex and enjoys surroundings which boast of bonsai, bougainvillea, lotus ponds and carefully landscaped gardens. A series of 3 gates (called Shanmen) symbolises the three Buddhist principles of wisdom, compassion and skilful means and welcomes you into the charming complex. The halls, ...

    Religious Parks and Gardens
  • St. John's Cathedral

    St. John's Cathedral

    St. John’s Cathedral in Hong Kong is built in the shape of a cross and it is the tall innovative structure of the Cathedral that makes it stand out among many others across the world. It is also the oldest Western ecclesiastical building in the city and has great historical ...

  • Deep Water Bay

    Deep Water Bay

    Stretches of fine golden sand and azure waters makes Deep Water Bay a popular beach for a day out. Though it is a scenic beach lined with beautiful trees, it is crowded at most times. There are many activities that you can indulge in at Deep Water Bay. Swimming is ...

  • Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens

    Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens

    Among the oldest zoological and botanical gardens in the world, Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens occupy an area of 5.6 hectares. More than 100 plant species at the botanical garden create at atmosphere so beautiful that you would not want to leave the place. Some exotic flora that you ...

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  • Hollywood Road

    Hollywood Road

    Hollywood Road is one of the most important commercial areas in Hong Kong. It is a vibrant stretch which also many outlets offering many unique souvenirs. A number of art galleries have found their place on Hollywood Road and have on display works by some of the greatest Chinese artists. ...

  • Sha Tin

    Sha Tin

    Hong Kong has many unique experiences for its visitors and a visit to Sha Tin is one of them. A day trip to Sha Tin will introduce you to many recreational activities, shopping avenues, culinary delights and cultural experiences. Most of all, Sha Tin is well known for horseracing as ...

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  • Nathan Road

    Nathan Road

    Situated in Kowloon, Nathan Road passes from Tsim Sha Tsui to Sham Shui Po in a south-north direction. Bustling with life at most times of the day, Nathan Road is home to many shopping outlets, local food joints, sightseeing opporutnities and lots more to keep you busy. As far as ...

  • Hong Kong Maritime Museum

    Hong Kong Maritime Museum

    Hong Kong Maritime Museum is a specialty museum that has 15 permanent exhibition halls which cover all maritime activities of the Island. The exhibits at the museum give you insights about the early history of Hong Kong and how it became from a small fishing village to a vibrant city. ...

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  • Hong Kong Wetland Park

    Hong Kong Wetland Park

    Hong Kong Wetland comprises of Wetland Interactive World, Wetland Reserve and a Visitor’s Centre. This eco-tourism park introduces you to many exotic and rare species of flora and fauna that are typical to Hong Kong. The five exhibition halls have several displays which help you to explore the diverse wildlife ...

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  • Big Buddha

    Big Buddha

    Big Buddha, or Tian Tan Buddha, is situated in Po Lin Monastery at Lantau Island. The famous bronze statue is 34 metres high, has great religious significance and attracts pilgrims from all over the world. The construction of this statue went on for 12 years and the effort shows in ...

    Religious Landmark
  • Statue Square

    Statue Square

    Located in Central, Hong Kong, Statue Square is a public pedestrian square. Contrary to its name, you will not find any statues here but there is lots more to keep you busy. A number of fountains beautify the Statue Square and a proper seating arrangement around them allows you to ...

  • Hong Kong Racing Museum

    Hong Kong Racing Museum

    Watching horse races is a popular activity in Hong Kong. The museum is situated right next to the stands of the Happy Valley Racecourse and has many interesting exhibits on how the sport became a favourite in Hong Kong. It records all the important horse racing moments in Hong Kong ...

  • Star Ferry Pier

    Star Ferry Pier

    Over the years, Star Ferry has come to be recognized as a symbol of Hong Kong. Star Ferry Pier is used by all boats and cruises that Star Ferry Services operate. They typically crosses the Victoria Harbour to reach Tsim Sha Tsui Ferry Pier. Star Ferries are an economical way ...

  • Bruce Lee Statue

    Bruce Lee Statue

    A life-size bronze statue of Bruce Lee, the popular martial artist and action hero can be found at the Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong. Located in Tsim Sha Tsui at the Victoria Harbour Waterfront, the Statue was built in honour of the actor who died at an early age. ...

  • Wan Chai

    Wan Chai

    Wan Chai is a lively and spirited tourist area in Hong Kong which is home to many sightseeing spots and shopping outlets. From the significant Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre to the much loved Causeway Bay shopping site, Wan Chai has many attractions to lure you. In addition to ...

  • Kowloon Park

    Kowloon Park

    The energetic and bustling Tsim Sha Tsui is also home to the tranquil Kowloon Park. One of the largest parks in the area, it is often referred to as the ‘green lung’. It is a great place to spend an afternoon and relax to the fullest as you listen to ...

    Parks and Gardens
  • Golden Bauhinia Square

    Golden Bauhinia Square

    Golden Bauhinia Square gets its name from the blooming Bauhinia (also known as Hong Kong orchid) sculpture that stands there. The sculpture was a gift from the Central Government on the 1997 Handover of Hong Kong to China after 150 years of British rule. This event is of great significance ...

    Landmark Cultural
  • Knutsford Terrace

    Knutsford Terrace

    You will be spoiled for choices when it comes to restaurants at Knutsford Terrace. With more than 30 in number, they offer world cuisines which are definitely worth a try. The good thing about Knutsford Terrace is that no vehicles are allowed on this street. It is lined with tables ...

  • Central Plaza

    Central Plaza

    Central Plaza is a skyscraper in Hong Kong. Boasting of 78 floors and with a height of 374 metres, it is the third tallest tower in Hong Kong. In the evening, the neon rods at the top of the tower change colour every 45 minutes. The grandeur of the building ...

  • Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

    Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

    Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade begins at the Clock Tower and goes all the way to Hung Hom. Take a stroll along the promenade and take in views of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Space Museum, Museum of Art and the popular Avenue of Stars. Whether you are with your family, ...

  • Aberdeen Harbour

    Aberdeen Harbour

    One of the busiest harbours in Hong Kong is Aberdeen and it is extremely popular for its floating restaurants. Jumbo Floating Restaurant is the largest and most notable of all. The doublt-storeyed restaurant is not just a must-visit for its interesting location but also for the exclusive variety of seafood ...

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  • Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

    Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

    Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre is a very important part of Hong Kong Skyline and a major landmark in the city. Used for various purposes and events, the building enjoys a prime location on Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour. Better known as HKCEC, the building was voted Best Convention ...

  • Bank of China Tower

    Bank of China Tower

    One of the most prominent skyscrapers in the Hong Kong, Bank of China Tower is 367.4 metres high. The prism like appearance of the building is what makes it stand out among its counterparts across the world. Designed by the Chinese–American architect I.M. Pei, Bank of China Tower has 70 ...

  • Kowloon Mosque Islamic Centre

    Kowloon Mosque Islamic Centre

    Kowloon Mosque Islamic Centre is the largest Islamic place of worship in Hong Kong and has a capacity of accommodating 2000 worshippers. It is well known for its beautiful dome and the marble carvings it showcases. One thing to keep in mind is that you must wear humble clothing and ...

  • Central


    Central is the main business district of Hong Kong and is also a prime tourist hun. Some of the landmarks here are Cheung Kong Center, Bank of China Tower, Li Yuen Street and the exciting Hollywood Road. That's not it - Central is also home to some of the most ...

  • Hong Kong Coliseum

    Hong Kong Coliseum

    Hong Kong Coliseum is also often called Hung Hom Coliseum owing to its location in Hung Hom, Kowloon. It is a multi-purpose indoor stadium where various events take place throughout the year. With a seating capacity of 12,500, the Coliseum plays host to business, sporting and entertainment events and many ...

  • Hong Kong University

    Hong Kong University

    Opening in 1911, Hong Kong University is housed inside the oldest building in the city. The main building of the campus has four courtyards which boast of beautiful tall pine trees. More than just a university, its campus is also home to the University Museum and Art Gallery, the oldest ...

    Cultural Museum
  • Hong Kong Museum of Medical Science

    Hong Kong Museum of Medical Science

    Housed inside a British architecture style building, Hong Kong Museum of Medical Science was established in 1996. It boasts of 11 exhibition halls, a gallery for Tai Ping Shan View, a Library and a Lecture Room. There are many interesting exhibits and interactive displays on important health issues which aim ...

  • Colonial Duddell Street Steps

    Colonial Duddell Street Steps

    Colonial Duddell Street Steps is the place to check out the four remaining gas lights in Hong Kong. Built between 1875 and 1889, these steps have the gas lamps at the top and bottom. The glow of the lamps is so unique that tourists and visitors often visit the area ...

    Landmark Cultural
  • Sai Kung

    Sai Kung

    Sai Kung is a fishing village in Hong Kong and offers picturesque coastlines lined with boats, sandy beaches and a mountain backdrop. If you are looking for a break from the hustle-bustle of Hong Kong, a visit to Sai Kung town is a peaceful getaway option for you. The area ...

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  • Wong Tai Sin Temple

    Wong Tai Sin Temple

    Wong Tai Sin Temple, or Sik Sik Yuen, is a revered shrine in Hong Kong and also a popular tourist spot. The temple is renowned not just in the city of Hong Hong but also in Southern Asia, Europe, and America. It is related to the culture of fortune telling ...

  • Noonday Gun

    Noonday Gun

    Noonday Gun’s claim to fame is Noel Coward song Mad Dogs and Englishmen . Located on the waterfront in Causeway Bay, the gun fires off every day at noon – a spectacle that you must not miss. The one-gun salute custom started when a Royal Naval Officer became annoyed at ...

  • Hong Kong Film Archive

    Hong Kong Film Archive

    The four floors of Hong Kong Film Archive have loads of surprises in store for movie buffs. Exhibitions relating to and screenings of old classic movies from across the world are some things to look forward to here. You can also catch movie screenings of some of the rarest scripts ...

  • Hong Kong Hennessy Road

    Hong Kong Hennessy Road

    Hennessy Road, a thoroughfare in Hong Kong Island, connects Yee Wo Street in Causeway Bay to Queensway located in Wan Chai. The two most prominent landmarks located on this Road are SoGo Hong Kong and Hysan Place shopping centre. An important landmark in Hong Kong, Hennessy Road is also a ...

  • Peng chau Island (Ping chau, Pingzhou)

    Peng chau Island (Ping chau, Pingzhou)

    Peng chau Island is among the less crowded islands in Hong Kong. The nice and quiet life of the island will give you a relaxed feel and a wonderful opportunity to unwind. Hiking is a good way to explore the island. Other things that await you here include beautiful gardens, ...

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  • Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery (Man Fat Sze)

    Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery (Man Fat Sze)

    A steep climb leads to one of the most popular Buddhist Temples in Hong Kong, the Ten thousand Buddhas Monastery. The main temple or the Ten Thousand Buddhas Hall, 18-Arhat Gallery, Avalokitesvara (Kwun Yam) Pavilion, Samantabhadra Pavilion, Manjusri Pavilion, Naga-puspa Hall and the significant 9-storey pagoda await you at the ...

  • Chinese New Year

    Chinese New Year

    Chinese New Year is the biggest festival in Hong Kong and sees the coming together of all people to celebrate their culture and the advent of the New Year. Starting towards the end of January, the celebrations go on for 15 days and include many old traditions, cultural festivities and ...

  • Hong Kong Arts Festival

    Hong Kong Arts Festival

    Hong Kong Arts Festival is a brilliant platform where creations from all over Asia are showcased. This year Hong Kong is celebrating the 42nd annual festival. There are displays and fascinating exhibits on music, dance, theatre and many other forms of arts.

    Festival Website: ...

  • Hong Kong Sevens

    Hong Kong Sevens

    Hong Kong Sevens is a premier rugby international tournament to which the cosmopolitan city of Hong Kong plays host. The first event took place in 1976 and since then, the best rugby teams from across the world gather here every March to partake in this prestigious sporting event. Over 40000 ...

  • Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival

    Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival

    Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival is all about partying, enjoyment and celebrations. World’s renowned dragon boat athletes participate in the grand race that takes place at the picturesque Victoria Harbour. People from all over the world gather to witness the spectacle and cheer the participants at this annual event. ...

  • Mid-Autumn Festival

    Mid-Autumn Festival

    Mid-Autumn Festival is also known as Moon Cakes Festival courtesy the moon cake pastries that are baked especially for this occasion. A lot of family get-togethers and feasts (to watch the full moon) happen during this time. People also go on parades carrying lanterns and share moon cakes (made of ...