Street Market in Hong Kong

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  • Sogo Mall Causeway Bay

    Sogo Mall Causeway Bay

    Don’t be deceived by the compact size of this shopping area, for you would require a full day to explore the endless shopping malls, department stores, boutiques and market stalls in what used to once be a shoal. From up-market fashion to bargains galore, youth fashion boutiques and everything else ...

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  • Temple Street Night Market

    Temple Street Night Market

    Experience the drama and festivity of a typical Chinese market at the Temple Street Night bazaar and Ladies Market. Amuse yourself with some fortune telling, savour delicious hawker food and test your haggling skills as you shop for wares in the twisted bazaar streets. ...

    Street Market
  • Ladies Market

    Ladies Market

    This one-kilometre stretch is the perfect place for women of all age groups to test their bargaining skills as they shop for clothing, accessories and souvenirs. Other goods up for grabs here include trinkets, home furnishings, bags, watches and CDs. ...

    Street Market
  • Goldfish Street

    Goldfish Street

    Do you believe in Feng Shui? If the answer is yes, you would understand how auspicious an aquarium with goldfish is considered for a home. So if you wish to bring that good luck to your house, head to Goldfish Street which is lined on either side with kiosks and ...

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  • Fa Yuen Street Market

    Fa Yuen Street Market

    Fa Yuen Street is better known as Sportswear Street or Sneaker Street and for good reason. Whether it is the latest in fashion, limited-edition releases or any other variety of footwear, the collection at Fa Yuen Street Market has it all. Though discounts are rarely offered in the stores here, ...

    Street Market
  • Bird Market

    Bird Market

    Bird Garden offers a shopping experience with a difference. The Bird Market is a visually appealing market in Hong Kong Island that has been styled like a traditional Chinese garden. Any guesses on what all you can buy here? Pick anything from exotic varieties of birds to intricately designed bamboo ...

    Street Market
  • Sham Shui Po

    Sham Shui Po

    The neighbourhood of Sham Shui Po has a lot of kiosks and small shops selling good of various kinds. The busy streets are lined with wholesale shops on both sides and are also a great place to soak in the rich culture of Hong Kong. Apliu Street Flea Market and ...

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