Religious Hong Kong

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  • Man Mo Temple

    Man Mo Temple

    Hong Kong’s oldest and most important temple is dedicated to two principle deities - God of Literature and God of War. One particularly memorable sight here is that of the huge incense coils hanging from the ceiling, imparting a fragrant, smoky haze; these are lit by people seeking fulfilment of ...

  • Wong Tai Sin

    Wong Tai Sin

    Dedicated to three different religions - Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism - Wong Tai Sin is one of the largest and most popular temples in Hong Kong. With its red pillars, golden roof and multi-coloured carvings, the temple is popular amongst those wanting to know what the future holds!

  • Che Kung Temple

    Che Kung Temple

    Che Kung is a Taoist temple complex built in the honour of Che Kung, a commander of the Southern Song dynasty. The main worship hall has a huge Che Kung statue along with a big drum and bell. The wheel of fortune here attracts many tourists and visitors alike to ...

  • Tin Hau Temple

    Tin Hau Temple

    This temple is dedicated to Tin Hau, the Goddess of the Sea. Fishermen and every other person whose destiny is linked to the sea worships Tin Hau and thus, most Chinese coastal areas have temples which are dedicated to the Goddess of the Sea. The temple has beautiful interiors and ...

  • Chi Lin Nunnery

    Chi Lin Nunnery

    Chi Lin Nunnery is beautifully maintained Buddhist monastic complex and enjoys surroundings which boast of bonsai, bougainvillea, lotus ponds and carefully landscaped gardens. A series of 3 gates (called Shanmen) symbolises the three Buddhist principles of wisdom, compassion and skilful means and welcomes you into the charming complex. The halls, ...

    Religious Parks and Gardens
  • St. John's Cathedral

    St. John's Cathedral

    St. John’s Cathedral in Hong Kong is built in the shape of a cross and it is the tall innovative structure of the Cathedral that makes it stand out among many others across the world. It is also the oldest Western ecclesiastical building in the city and has great historical ...

  • Big Buddha

    Big Buddha

    Big Buddha, or Tian Tan Buddha, is situated in Po Lin Monastery at Lantau Island. The famous bronze statue is 34 metres high, has great religious significance and attracts pilgrims from all over the world. The construction of this statue went on for 12 years and the effort shows in ...

    Religious Landmark
  • Kowloon Mosque Islamic Centre

    Kowloon Mosque Islamic Centre

    Kowloon Mosque Islamic Centre is the largest Islamic place of worship in Hong Kong and has a capacity of accommodating 2000 worshippers. It is well known for its beautiful dome and the marble carvings it showcases. One thing to keep in mind is that you must wear humble clothing and ...

  • Wong Tai Sin Temple

    Wong Tai Sin Temple

    Wong Tai Sin Temple, or Sik Sik Yuen, is a revered shrine in Hong Kong and also a popular tourist spot. The temple is renowned not just in the city of Hong Hong but also in Southern Asia, Europe, and America. It is related to the culture of fortune telling ...

  • Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery (Man Fat Sze)

    Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery (Man Fat Sze)

    A steep climb leads to one of the most popular Buddhist Temples in Hong Kong, the Ten thousand Buddhas Monastery. The main temple or the Ten Thousand Buddhas Hall, 18-Arhat Gallery, Avalokitesvara (Kwun Yam) Pavilion, Samantabhadra Pavilion, Manjusri Pavilion, Naga-puspa Hall and the significant 9-storey pagoda await you at the ...